26 June 2010

Questions Part 1

I still remember questions that I always ask my teachers. About the questions, they cannot really answer specifically or as I should say ‘accurately’. I still remember some of the questions chronologically since I was in Form Three because until now, no one has ever satisfied me to explain about them.

Form Four

Have you ever remembered a diagram in your textbook; a cutaway diagram showing the Earth’s interior as it would look if you cut into the planet with a very large knife and carefully withdrew a quarter of its bulk? My attention did turn in a more scholarly manner though to the scientific import of the drawing and the realization that the Earth consisted of discrete layers, ending in the centre with a glowing of nickel and iron. But, how do they know that?

Form Five

Do you still remember your Physics teacher telling you about the gravity? Do they have significant change to a particular place when earthquake happens?

Form Six

While diving under the sea, a question popped up in my head. How do the geoscientist know where, when and how to extract the fossil fuels under the layers of seabed?
Will the multinational oil company that sponsored my studies ever worked closely with environmental agencies in reducing carbon footprint?

Question, argue and seek answers; I have always been doing that in debate tournament. It is super effective in learning and broaden my horizon of thinking. I once used these techniques when I got so bored in Physics class. Do you always feel that the scientists are all liars when they just explained the theory in textbooks without telling us how do they arrive to that principles or laws? Well, I did. It turned to be very interesting to see you and your teachers seek for the answers together. Being challenged by your teachers to explain the subject he is not used to was totally amazing; you have to be good in explaining natural phenomenon though. Raw materials from the net and images from encyclopaedia was my saver at that time. Nothing could compare my pleasure of explaining the whole thing in class after hours of researching. I remembered this event vividly when I browsed the internet looking at General Paper classes were always mind-stimulating. There he stood in front of the classroom; Mr Liebenberg explained the way we argued things differently. I loved being in his class; discussing issues and raising endless questions regarding universal principles. Argument was the best part, made your mind goes around finding evidences to support your judgements. Seeking solutions was and adventure as we never knew the possibilities. But I know we can predict.

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