26 June 2010

What historical moment or event do you wish you could have witnessed?

I can imagine myself standing in the middle of a crowded street watching Malays and Chinese killing one another in a battle which would amount to nothing but innocent deaths. Horrified, I would run away from the awful scenes of monstrous killings. One word could accurately describe what was in my mind; clueless. Citizens out of nowhere from all over Malaysia came and killed those who do not belong to their race, blinded by hatred and a thirst for justice that they believe could never be achieved without bloodshed. Everything was so medieval and crude, screaming men running after each other with machetes, neither one with a justified reason for their actions.

I would really like to know the true reason and facts behind all of this; the racial riot on May 13th 1969 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a tragedy which will forever mar the image of my country. Is there any hidden motive amongst the multi-racial leaders or just a political gimmick from both sides of terribly misunderstood parties? A series of question have long plagued my mind - why massive killings, what was the significance, and why is there no hard evidence even now? Perhaps if I am able to live in that era of horrible racial prejudice, I can fully understand what went wrong after 12 years of independence.

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