20 July 2010

Is He A Real Maverick?

For young generations in Malaysia, many considered him as a legend. For some, he is the most powerful man in Malaysia; an equivalent of Lee Kuan Yew to Singapore. In 2003, my friends and I did a research to complete our History assessment. It was indeed a very eye-opener event when we discovered that Dr. M was the first Prime Minister of Malaysia from the normal people (not from the Royal family) as the previous three. 

Despite many have said about him, most of them are uncomfortable about what he says. Reason? When they say things, they lay out their reasons and evidences to support their arguments, however when Dr. M rebuts their points, he seem more right. Maybe the cynical-effect works for him. Back in 2003, he introduced Teaching of Mathematics and Science in English (PPSMI as known in Malay acronym) which I think the most brilliant idea coming from Dr. M. For me, simple reason is to raise the bar of Science and Mathematics of our students. At the same time, terrific improvement in English can be vividly seen. For those who could not improve, that was their own problem in taking up challenges. There was no 'Malaysia Boleh!' spirit in their true Malaysian blood. I guess if they were to study Mathematics and English in Malay, they would still got Ds. Do not blame the system if your own fault is the fundamental aspect that will get you nowhere on this planet.

Trust me, if you keep blaming the system, you will continue blaming it even though the system will eventually become perfect. When they were to revert the teaching in Malay again, that was the dumbest decision made. 

The politicians came into education sector and scholars(both who supports or against) are put aside. When this happens, it was a total doom. I was lucky to be the first batch which completed the PPSMI from high school. Thank you, Dr. M. 

That was my relationship to Dr.M; as a student. Now, I really want the book but looking at the price,hmm. Is he a real maverick? Let me read the book first and justify it with how much Dr. M has affected my life.

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