27 August 2010

The Chukai Insider Guest Bloggers

Yesterday, when I was feeling so down (again), a very stupid idea came to my mind; inviting my friends to write on my blog. I distracted myself from the sadness and began emailing them on Facebook. To my surprise, Liyana Lee replied to me straight away and agreed to become my guest blogger. One after another, all of my friends agreed to do it. Well, I need to tell you guys that it was a very crazy idea because I though about it without thinking and it was to make me run away from my sadness. I was surprised that all of you agreed. Since you all have agreed, keep your promises ( hahahaha!). If I get profits from my blog, I will pay you guys ok? 

Presenting The Chukai Insider new guest bloggers:
1.Chen Kim Soong
2.Che Engku Amin
3.Liyana Lee
6.Imm Munabir

-The Chukai Insider


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