23 August 2010

We are 37th best in the World ( ! / ?)

Jom kibarkan Jalur Gemilang
sempena sambutan Kemerdekaan!

Newsweek magazine (very influential magazine but not so much compared to Time) recently just published a list of the best countries in the world. I don’t know whether it comes as a surprise or not, but Malaysia came in 37th overall. Personally, not so impressive, but ok la. Finland came in first overall.

The rank is based on 5 criteria; education, health, quality of life, economics dynamism and political environment. We scored well in economics dynamism at 14th (61.93) compared to the champion, Singapore (83.06). In education, we are ranked 36th compared to Finland at the first place (102.00). Surprisingly to me, we are very far behind in health (52nd). Malaysia also is ranked 48th in quality of life and 54th in political environment (Dear Malaysian politicians, you made us scored the lowest!). There is no surprise though that the ranking portrays that the political environment in our country that brings us down in the list. I know what the politicians will say about this list; “Well, they don’t cover all aspects in our life, only certain aspects etc etc.”

They do make a big mistake if they keep living in denial like that because all around the world, the ranking measures fundamental aspects to see how a country performs globally. The education and quality of life are very important I would say. They should know, this is what globalisation about and not just mention the phrase ‘kita hidup dalam dunia globalisasi’ during ceramahs and after that, championing race-based politics.
Overall, with the spirit of Merdeka, let’s work hands by hands to bring our country as the best country in the world. We already know that Malaysia is the best, but it is much better if we can prove it empirically. If not, we will always be jaguh kampong and without other countries looking at us as a successful nation. 
Jom, Malaysia Boleh! - The Chukai Insider

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