25 October 2010

Malaysia wants doctors, scientists and professors only.

I had mentioned before that the software and hardware should be developed in the country at the very same pace. One must not lead the other. And software cannot survive without hardware and vice versa. Although I am totally lauded the mega physical developments here in Malaysia, I never say we should have been neglected other stuffs. I know most of you who have read my blog would think that I go for the physical development only.  I wrote these before:Obsession with ranking 2Obsession with ranking 2 and Malaysian schools are killing creativity.

Okay, straight to the point. These are the problems in Malaysian education system

  1. Students are treated like lab rats.
  2. No firm stand on education
  3. Bias towards those who have higher cognitive abilities
  4. Bias towards rote learners
  5. Sports? Where? Di tanah sekangkang kera tu? No wonder I don't know how to play football (Alasan, hehehe!).
  6. An A in English is far better than the ability to communicate in the language
  7. Discrimination against low performing schools
  8. Discrimination against low performing students
1. Students are treated like lab rats
  • PPSMI and then MBMMBI and whatever acronyms la..
  • I want PPSMI so it will at least our village people get exposure in speaking English
  • You know, in major cities you have lots of exposure in English, for the rural students?
  • That's why PPSMI was in place
  • If you blame the students could not grasp the Science and Mathematics, they could not do so in Bahasa as well because the bottom line is their attitudes
2.No firm stand on education
  • PPSMI again
  • Why students cannot have the atmosphere to learn in English like rich students in international schools learn?
  • Are you trying to widen the gap between the rich and the poor even further in Malaysia?
  1. 3.Bias towards those who have higher cognitive abilities
  • This is a very good complaint made by teacher. Read this:Pendandan rambut juga pandai
  • If you look at the trend, we all want to make all students become doctors, lawyers, scientists, geologists, about those who wants to become a chef? Top Chef anyone?
  • more on this later on

  • 4.Bias towards rote learners
  • If any of you who doesn't know, beginning 2014 History is a must-pass subject in SPM like Bahasa Melayu.
  • With what I learnt in school, I guess they must pass the memorising test. Why? History lesson should make us think from the facts we are given. So, there should be research and analysis. But SPM focuses on the facts part only.
  • I don't want to get poyo, but I've been to an international school before and to a national school as well.
  • Sports facilities? If the government can provide what my private school can provide, we will have more Nicol Davids and Lee Chong Weis.
  • Even I get intrigued to join the sports with the facilities provided. The facilities seduced me..
6. An A in English is far better than the ability to communicate in the language
  • It's okay to focus on the As, but make sure we can talk in the language too.
  • How do we want to talk in English if we have limited opportunities to talk in the language. 
7.Discrimination against low performing school
  • Instead of giving assistance to needy schools, it is always the top performers which get incentives, status of cluster schools while the gap between the best schools and the worst schools widens
8.Discrimination against low performing students
  • Many students who spend 11 years in school end up nothing. I dare say majority students who finished form five is the same student they were in form one except some experience in monkey love. Ooou... With the syllabus that focus more on whats rather than hows, it's not a surprise. Instead of teaching them economics or perdagangan or mathematics, may be you can give them skills like entrepreneurship, car repair, kelas menjahit and bakery. Not just that, inspire them to become great in whatever they do. If there is a great doctor, why don't we have great cooks, great artists and great mechanics as well? 
Should we have physical developments? Yeah, very much. Do we need soft development? Yeah, very much. Both complements each other. We need towers and towering humans. 

Now, I am waiting for mega-project in education.

-The Chukai Insider


  1. which one is more important? of course software development first. we need to have MEGA PROJECT IN EDUCATION FIRST. then only MEGA-TOWERS. just like what I said before. software development that drives hardware development. so please think deeply faidhi. please look at singapore as an example. do they have megatowers? NO right? but why they are far better than us in terms of economically, corruption, education? coz they know how to use their money wisely. and no rasuah and masuk poket sendiri, very little corruption. :) n owh ya.. why don't you reply my email huh? I want youto answer my questionsss.

  2. oh Wow! I am amazed.. though you said my comments deviate from the main topic , but now you're using my ideas on software and hardware and put in in your blog. HAHA. Well, enough said you just have to bare with our education if you want super MEGA TOWERS. STOP complaining my dear Faidhi.You should be proud of our education system. AND please agree that software development drives the hardware.If there are so many hardware development but imported from other countries what's the point dude? MALAYSIA BOLEH KAN! OUR GOVERMENT BOLEH! EVERYTHING BOLEH!

    yours truly,
    intan mashitah aka ita beysh

    i want you to reply my email. jawab semua jawapan not DEVIATE from my questions

  3. Ita, frankly speaking, your emotions and many delusions that you have about your preferred political party have driven you to write.
    For me, it isn't about which party that I support, but more on rational basis. And after having discussion with many people, I don't think it's a good idea to rebut all of your points because you clearly is like in your own world. And I do write in a rationally with the way I think. I do write based on facts and analysis. I read news portal, blogs from both parties. And they are all my opinions. Because of the rational thinking la that I also has voiced my discomfort with our education system. It did not happen lately, but since long time ago. I have many posts on that.
    By the way, if you think that you made me think rationally to write about this, then thank you. And so is YOUR idea about the software and hardware although I have written about it long time ago. I do show significant towards one party, but it does not mean I can't think rationally to support them. It is my thinking and I do give facts about what I said.

  4. You clearly do not show respect with what I have written when you certainly denying my notion that we should put software and hardware development at the same pace. I give reasons and examples with what I have said. You did not.

    If you are talking about the Singapore example, I beg to differ. If you want to dispute my analysis, it is okay. But I have to show my credibility too. My credibility to comment about the development in Singapore is just merely from my reading of two greatest book in Singapore history. Both were written by Lee Kuan Yew himself. I read both books and know minute details about how he developed Singapore. Don't any example without any facts, again.

    Singapore clearly support my notion that software and hardware development should move at the same pace. You may not see rising towers in Singapore because all the buildings in the Central Business District are all towers. They are all tall buildings and they are concentrated at one place due to land scarcity.

    If you say Singapore does not move its mega projects first, this truly shows your immaturity. Singapore has even bigger mega projects than us. Changi Airport, the F1 race, Marina Bay, Sentosa project, Terminal 3 in Changi Airport, the Esplanade, the barge. But it is moving the software development at the same time as well.

    What are you trying to say is we should move the software development first. It is not the case. One great example is India. The government has just wanted to build first world facilities in the last few decades when Indian citizen are all over the world working as professionals. They have quite good education system, but there are lack facilities and opportunities for them to show their ideas and expertise. Indian citizens are now working in Silicon Valley and many other places in the world. This is the case where I think the software development is far leaving the hardware development behind.

    On that basis, that is why I said both hardware and software developments should move at the same pace.

    Your emotions truly are truly covering the rationality that you have to understand. Sorry, but that is true in every case and example that you give to me.

    And I never ask people to agree with me like you do in the above statement. I think you have gone too far when you say 'STOP complaining my dear Faidhi.You should be proud of our education system. AND please agree that software development drives the hardware.' I never ask people to agree with me. I have my ideas and you should respect them although you clearly do not agree with me. You crossed the line. I never ask you to agree with me. Again, they are my thoughts and opinions. What you may think is right may be wrong to me and vice versa. I think building towers is good for the economy and I do give analysis and thoughts. So be it.

  5. Oh no, grammar kat atas salah sebab type ngan mouse yang tukar ye..In my thoughts they are not like that, grammatically..Ideas, ye la..

  6. hye Encik Faidhi.

    First of all. okay okay I admit that I was carried away and too emotional when I was reading this post. HAHA. I think you know why as you know I am totally against this Warisan Merdeka. I don't think I have to lists the reasons here as you already knew it though our opinions are totally contrast. BUT this time around, I do agree with your post.Doesn't mean if you support this mega project, you can't ask for better education. Well I am sorry if you think I did not respect your opinion regarding on your previous posts.It's okay different people have different views and opinions.jangan terasa ya encik faidhi... kita nak g sama uni ni. nanti kita berdebate debate jer ya kat uni. hahaha. I think its fun to comment on people who has different view from me. :)

  7. to make things clear. I did not meant that Malaysia should not have any rising projects and stuff. I think we have enough of tall buildings in KL itself. Why do we need another taller building than KLCC at d same place? Having one super tall building is enough.If PNB complained that they do not have enough office space and need a new building to occupy their staffs, I mean why not build another one? They could have another PNB office, but why do they have to spend SO much on this project? just build another office but just don't do it extravaganza and the tallest in Malaysia and not in KL please.maybe in Putrajaya? KL is already congested with massive traffic jams.

    We have ENOUGH of tall building in KL.Why need another one? If they really want to have more hardware development, please improve on our transportation. We could have high tech and efficient transportations just like Japan did. At least there is something that people will look up at Malaysia rather than having another tall building? What do we get by looking at tall building? at least we feel satisfied if our public transportation is efficient.

    and one more thing okay since you said hardware and software needs to be at d same phase, okay I agree. Isn't this is the time for Malaysia to focus more on software as we already have enough of hardware development NOW. what do you think? not enough yet? Okay about singapore, all their development mostly are tourist attraction. Universal studio, esplanade,marina bay, etc... mainly it attracts tourist. what about this mega tower? it is just an office building which not everybody can benefit from it. that's it. tourist come to malaysia just to see two tall towers?

    okay2 i may not have enough reasons or whatnot but correct me if im wrong


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