17 May 2011

A Beautiful Mess

When I was in the library last week, I felt the need to bring the artsy side out of me. So, I grabbed my black pen and wrote my friend's name, Shafiq while he was sitting right in front of me. It was an escape from sedimentary lecture notes. I asked him what his favourite quote is and he replied 'winner never quits, quitter never wins'. Simple but profound. Saturated but significant. 

A beautiful mess, huh? Poyo. The Sin Chan button on my pencil box was given by Miqdaddy. Why? I answered a quiz, and yeah, that's the prize. A significant and beautiful way of reminding myself every single day: Are U Muslim?

Many things or subjects can be symbolised with  a tree even your life, and your beliefs. Try drawing one and you will feel calmness and humbleness of how great Allah's creations are. Even the best human drawing cannot match the beauty of Allah's details in each oh His creations.

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