03 May 2011

I have crazy friends

Hi, 'kerrrazyy' is the word to describe today's life. First, my Communication lecturer asked me to project my voice so that everyone would able to hear me when other presenters were speaking like they were talking to ants. Really, you're asking Faidhi to project his voice? Faidhi? Did you say 'louder, please' just now? I tell you, I was so loud like the normal 'Faidhi'.

It was the first time someone ever said that to me. I have never encountered a moment in my life where someone asked me to speak louder, but there are countless times where my friends asked me to lower down my voice in restaurants etc. So, that was really strange. By the way, sometimes I think too much about petty things like this. So, ignore this. Ignorance is bliss?

Second, another crazy friend called me interrupting my 'owh-I-really-like-you- moment' with my book, and asked me if I want to go to Bintang (the so-called Mid Valley of Miri) and do my unfinished report there. Okay, it is finished but there are lots of plagiarism. X baik x baik...

She said something like this 'we should live our life' 'so let's finish our assignment in Bintang' etc. Worse, her report is much 'less developed' than me. Kerrrraaazzzyyyy! -The Chukai Insider

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