08 May 2011

Strangers in Senadin

It is to be acknowledged that this blogger thinks he's not 'that fat' to jog around Senadin. However, it seems that his friends really wanted to jog so he decided to accompany them for the sake of their safety. Along the adventure, he captured some 'saje-saje nak tangkap gambor' photos. 

Let us be grateful that we have the opportunities and time to run and becoming healthier. Our brothers in Palestine have to run away from mortars and guns. Our brothers in Sudan do not even have water to drink while we complaint of not having Nescafe. However, don't let the word 'bersyukur' to be saturated inside your mind, but for every moment even the simplest things  make us feel indebted to Allah's love for us. Renew your 'bersyukur' everyday with a new meaning.  Alhamdulillah because we still have time to appreciate Allah's creations.

1 comment:

  1. berjogging sbg latihan stamina utk ke Palestine!


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