05 August 2011

Of Producing Babies and National Development

How many Malaysians have we produced since the last eleven years? If you are bored enough to know the figures released by the Statistics Department, around 5,000,0000 babies have been produced since the year 2000 when the last census was done. 

So, if you really think about it, in the last 11 years, 5 million babies from less than 5 million wombs of course, have been born Malaysian. Maybe the figures 5 millions make you think that babies are like popping up here and there every second nowadays! Plop plop! Babies babies. Actually, you are wrong. Our growth rate has declined. Our father's generation has produced more and more than our generation does. 

What are the reasons? Well, if you have not flunked in Form Three Geography, then you would have probably known the reasons. Higher education of women, higher standard of living, etc. Boring right? 

How many Malaysians do we need actually? Dr. Mahathir once proposed that we should have at least 70millions of Malaysians so that we can sustain our own economy. This means that when large population increases demand which in turn making the domestic market bigger. If we still follow that policy, I should be making babies now. The latest census has revealed that we have 28.3 million Malaysians now. Minus around 10 million old people which are not producing kids anymore(very high estimation error, okay!) and another 10 million of kids who are not able to produce (yet) then we are left with around 8.3 million young, strong youths to produce more babies for the nation. Wow! Of course this is just blind statistics folks!

Then, these roughly 10 million people have to produce at least 7 kids each. If they are to get married with one another, then the number should be doubled since you need one man and woman to produce kids (my Geoscience Environment lecturer told me that), isn't it? So, overall each couple should have at least 14 kids! Wow! Haha! Can you imagine that? Again, this is just for fun. Don't take this seriously by putting serious arguments to deny this, so boring!

I'm 21 years old now, means if were married now, I should produce at least one kid every year. So, by the time I will be 35 years old, then I can get rest! Poor the other half of me. Plop plop!-The Chukai Insider

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  1. Minus the young so-called 'scholars' leaving Malaysia for 'greener pastures' every year and you get less than that...Note the heavy sarcasm in my comment.


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