16 September 2011

KK Stories: Mt. Kinabalu

These photos are taken on my way up to the Kinabalu Park. Our trip was heading towards Ranau to go to the Poring Hotsptring. While on the van, I got to capture some of the best views of Gunung Kinabalu in the morning. 

My friends and I were able to see some shiny surfaces on one of the sides of Gunung Kinabalu. We inferred that it was the reflection of the sunlight onto the wet surfaces of the mountain. For those who do not know, Gunung Kinabalu is the highest peak in Southeast Asia.

This is not the view of Gunung Kinabalu. It is actually the mountain ranges that connect the Crockery mountainous region that build up the Gunung Kinabalu. It was formed by magma which made igneous rocks and the place was uplifted to form the orogeny of the place. That was what I heard from the seniors doing Geology. If Allah SWT gives my friends and I the opportunity, we will be going to Kota Kinabalu again to do our field trip. What is the best thing for a geology student here is the existence of three types of rock; igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic at almost the same places. I got myself some crystals and marble while my friends brought back a granite filled with hornblende minerals. Very nice. 

My friends and I have made a commitment to climb the mountain before we graduate. From what we have heard, it should cost us around RM800. More or less, I need to get at least RM1200 to get to the peak comfortably. Let's save and travel to see the greatness of Allah SWT's creations. Travelling does bring me closer to Allah SWT and you should try too.- The Chukai Insider

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