16 October 2011

Again on Hudud

This is a simple article just to make my stand on Hudud issue clearer. 

1. It is a matter of choice of Muslims in today's conditions. Not in the context of today's 'world' as Al-Quran is relevant throughout the time. Today's conditions means the situations do not allow us to implement it due to many reasons- unfair institutions, elitism, separation of powers between the leader and the people, unequal distribution of wealth etc. And this matter is already agreed by neutral and unbiased Islamic scholar like Dr. Asri since we are not yet able to provide an adil situation in which all basic conditions of human be met (easy marriage is an example). To put it simple, work on to eliminate those things to implement Hudud. Yes, this goes to you too the Greens. 

On this basis, Hudud law cannot be implemented now. (The Chukai Insider's stand)

2. If you believe that Al-Quran is the Allah's sayings to the Muslims, and you yourself are in efforts to become a Muslims (the lowest level of iman) then you should be in effort to make hudud laws as a way of societies' lives. But never to the point where you implement the whole hudud law but the societies are not yet ready for it. Then, what is the purpose of hudud law if the believers don't even believe in the reasons behind the laws. It would be extremely stupid and very wrong on your side.

3. Hence, priorities should be given to educate the law to the people- not bashing each other on the basis of which one is right. For a wise Muslim, it is the ultimate goal to go with Allah's sayings (decree) and hence we must understand the reasons behind the law. We do not just publicise the law to the public and just say that we should do this and this. It is stupid to implement something in which even the people (rakyat) still do not get to understand and practice. 

4. No example could be better than this- 'some' Saudi Arabians on plane already took off their covers (tudungs/jilbab) once they are outside the country. Does this show that once they are outside the law, they can go against it? This shows lack of deep understanding (fahmuddaki') on their believes. The same thing could happen in Malaysia. Or if it is allowed in the Constitution to implement it in some states, many will fled out of them. And it is not their fault that they feel scared since they don't understand the law. Politicians on both sides argued who is better but everyone wants to be accepted in Allah's views. Perhaps. Hence work together to make sure the conditions where Hudud law can be implemented be realised. 

5. To the championista of Hudud law, it is the responsibility of the Muslims then to support the efforts of going for Hudud law. But the most important thing is education to the people. It is extremely stupid to implement without people understanding it. Even Rasulullah SAW took 13 years to educate and to the level that is far better than today's. I doubt even in Kelantan the leaders can provide the same conditions that Hudud may be implemented in the near future. 

6. This is the truth- in Kelantan or Terengganu. There is always a stark difference between those who are the religous and not. But the vocal ones are the religious person (in this context, practising Muslims) but please do educate others first before you chanting Hudud to the public.

7. I never saw an imam approaching the mat rempits (it may happened but I do not think so since I never saw one approaching the latter) and at least try to converse with them and then make them interested with the religion. When you implement Hudud, what will happen to this cluster of people? They were not educated the proper way and not even acknowledged the reasons behind the law and then get punished.- When you later on say that this group will get scared after the law is implemented, then will they do nothing and be kinder? No, you must remember that there is a possibility that they will get worse and flee away. So, you leave the states full with so-called good people and let others do their bad things somewhere else? Think!

8. Who do you think they will blame?

9. When da'wah is the branch of politics (I saw this with the Greens) then it is hard to make people understand about it. Ilmu as mentioned in the first Surah of Al-Alaq should be given the highest priority to make people understand Hudud law-even to the so called a Muslim columnist championing the human rights. How about the rights to practise my religion- in this case Islam and Hudud? Can you answer that Z Anwar?

 Educating those in power should be prioritised. However, it is so sad to see that even those wearing kopiah on top of their heads saying bad words and 'trying' to educate the less-educated the wrong way and they call themselves the 'knowing' and 'holding Allah's trust as khalifah on this earth'.

There is no point you post pictures of people under punishment of Hudud law if you want that to happen. You must go deeper to yourselves and reflect on how do you understand the law in the first place. I have lots of friends posting photos of Hudud law implementation but fail to make others to understand the law but keep their friend distancing themselves from understanding the law. Maybe your niat is good but the way you transmit the message could not be more wrong. The key word is: educate. Educate yourself first then others.

10. Hudud is a must. Education to understand it is much much more needed.-The Chukai Insider

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