18 October 2011

Pre-Exam Syndrom

Well, it's the time of the year again. There will be 7 days left before I sit for my Statistical Data Analysis, and Geology 102 exam. And Chemistry 144 after that. Oh the Geoscience, Environment and Society. Next weekend will be occupied with memorising fossils for Evolving Earth Systems and Palaeontology the week after that.

I have these set of syndromes when it exam is just around the corner. The things that I would do- buy a novel, read it for pleasure (last time was Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol), focus on subjects I love (in this semester's case, Palaeontology), write posts on this blog, become suddenly interested in whatever issues that come out of this world.

Yes, I know that were procrastinating!

I played badminton so hard last night (I know, terkezut gitu bile baca Faidhi main badminton) and I want to study hard as well!

Study hard and study hard! Why I focused on studying hard? Because for me I lacked of those, not the study smart type. Usaha, doa, tawakal. You know it when you don't have enough efforts!-The Chukai Insider

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