04 October 2011

When he started bullshitting

I know someone in Malaysia. Most probably you would have known him as well as the one who.... I really agree with someone (a blogger) calling him 'It's not me'- person. Yes, it's because he always says 'It's not me'. 

It's not me in the *****. And it's not me wearing the *****. Opps, it's not me who lost the *****. 

Well, if you started not liking this, please close the window. It's a free-country you would say, hence I'm entitled to mine. So much of a freedom that you know 'I can't make my own newspapers' issues are stupidly discussed by some quarters. Maybe they have never heard of this so-called ownership. Or probably they have been sidelined and oppressed till they cannot have a proper working news media. Ops, I thought you have ownership in newspapers. Well, since we were in a dictatorial leadership you would say, most probably you would have not existed today. Those who are fighting for a freer market are the one who is actually opposing the other side of making it a freedom. Stupid because actually you don't really know what you're fighting for.

Talking about fighting- I remember a story. They kepoh-kepoh about this some times ago. You know la that who really fight actually..

Well, to make story short- you would not even have the opportunity to sit on the wheelchair saying things in public since we would have been ruled really 'autocratically' by the Stars. Well, you know better than I do, right. Because you have that thing to cover you. I think you are very competent- when you talk very fiery fiery you know. But content-wise? Oh, you really look dumb. I'm not saying you are wrong but you make yourself look like one. And worse, look dumber than ever.

Actually, to me and a secret friend of mine knows what your mission is- to give the taste of someone's obsession to become a country Project Manager. A secret friend of mine has all these ideas and brilliant reasons but he will mum in front of you to say these logical things. Why? I guess it's because for him, you are already closed your mind to hear what he wants to say. BS is what you have- he says. I would agree 100%.

When the rage is on me it is because I see you're getting far worse than before. Bye bye. 

Note: If you get it, then you get it. If you don't, I'm sorry. 

If you understand and don't agree with it, don't come to me since I don't want to hear your laments and twisted reasons. I can do that since I follow the sayings of a dictator, according to you. Well, let others make you look more stupid than ever. Ops sorry, you already look like one! Period.-The Chukai Insider


  1. omg faidhi what are you talking about i feel like i don't know you at all...kabo la ke aku. aku sangat dahagakan info pasal malaysia. haha

  2. ok. i'm always on skype. entertain me once in a while


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