08 December 2011

The World, the way my friend sees it

I’m pretty lonely. Do you wanna be friends?
This is a photo of my friend Acad looking at a tree when he was feeling so lonely. He thought
it helped him to see the world in a different way by being a friend to a tree.
Photo location: Tudan's undiscovered prairie land.
Let me introduce to you to this guy whose life is filled with quotes (I would say most of them is about love), principles and in a way, philosophical. I met him in the largest warehouse in Malaysia, the low-cost carrier terminal, LCCT in KLIA. We were brought to see each other because of one particular reason. Fate. Our academic journeys were somehow led us to see each other in Miri instead of Arizona or Seattle. Well, lucky for him to see me in Miri instead of him going to Seattle if he intended to get to know me in Arizona. It is safe now to say that no jokes about going overseas can hurt our hearts any more. No?*Smiles.

Well, this friend of mine used to write as a guest blogger in this infamous The Chukai Insider. He used Cad as his pseudonym in his attempt to talk about love which is a rare thing to read about in this blog. Well, he is a little bit a 'word' guy. His English is much better than the Americans who scored 599 on their English section I would say. 

To Acad, I think your blog needs more words. I know pictures paint thousands of words but the uncreative side of me cannot see the words in your pictures. That was a joke if you could not notice. *Canine-toothed smile!

His English is so good that our Palaeontology lecturer recommended him to consider a career in advertising. This post is to let the world know about the existence of this housemate of mine. This is the blog about ways my heavier-than-me friend sees the world. My message to him: seize the present, that's the only way the past can be forgotten.-The Chukai Insider

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