10 January 2012

Bacalah Majalah Solusi

Majalah Solusi Edisi 39
Majalah Solusi Edisi 37When you were a child, your parents probably had been buying you Majalah Asuh. In my time, it was the most popular Islamic education magazine for children. By the time my little sister went to primary school, there was much more magazines of that kind- Ana Muslim for example.
Majalah Solusi Edisi 30Majalah Solusi Edisi 35By the time we grew up, those magazines did not grow up with us. When we were still children, the comics of the 'syaitan' in Majalah Asuh kept reminding us not to do anything bad. However, the love of reading Islamic materials have not grown up together in tandem with our age. Or maybe this is only for some of us. To those who went to Islamic boarding school, it's a different story.
Majalah Solusi Edisi 26Majalah Solusi Edisi 33Alhamdullillah, my friend introduced me to Majalah Solusi few months ago. It would have been much better if it was introduced before but still, Alhamdulillah. What I like the most about the magazine is the modern appeal to it. The progressive contents show that da'wah process should change with time but not the fundamentals. In Prophet Muhammad's time, there was no i-Pad but the process of spreading Allah's message was far more effective. But people change. And the approach should also change.
Majalah Solusi Edisi 18Majalah Solusi Edisi 32I highly recommend Majalah Solusi to all of you. It's simple to read and the contents touch contemporary issues and close to our hearts. Instead of lecturing you what to do, the magazine explains why do we have to do things the right way.-The Chukai Insider

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