11 January 2012

I am a fun fun fun person

This is a desperate attempt for me to show to the small community of readers of this blog that I am a very fun fun fun person! Lately, I do have lots of time to write- and they all turned out to be very serious.

I have so much time that I keep changing the layout and style of this blog. It seems that Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood is nothing much. Maybe the reason is that it is a love story. But I do find a very interesting piece of short story (or self reflection) in my friend's blog. Ain's The Girl Who Chased The Moon is far more interesting than Norwegian Wood. Kudos to Ain- for making me to stop for few times to 'really' grasp the beauty of the language!

Okay, back to my point- I am a fun person. And I can bore you with pretty much everything I talk or write about. And I have no control of the TV remote control now, and that is why I am writing a short piece telling you I am a fun person. Haha. Hihi.-The Chukai Insider

*I really liked this picture that was taken in Taman Marin Tunku Abdul Rahman in Kota Kinabalu last year. I used my friend's camera while he went snorkelling.


  1. i'm honoured. haha. i was speaking metaphorically, kalu mu dpd deduce, bgs lah! hehe. btw, ape kate mu come out with one short story? ni assignment utk mu! aku nk bace kekgi. 

  2. Haha, we'll see how that will turn out.


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