10 January 2012

I'm wondering why is that so- and they call themselves independent

When you read this, some of you might think that I am kind of racist, nationalist and just plain simple in my analysis. Well, probably the simplicity of my analysis is the key to see what I am trying to say. The key message is- the new media are mostly controlled by Western educated Malaysians who supports in every way what the Chinese want to hear. There it is- the bomb.

Is there any prominent ulama as a columnist? A simple evidence- not representing the large segments of the society- the Muslims. Yes, I know most of the young ulamas have blog but why not represent them in the so-called new media that call themselves 'what Malaysians want to hear' with contents that say 'what Malaysians want to see'. Ugh, rhetoric.

I know it is a kind of a brave thing for me to say this but no one reads this blog and hence no worries about that. However, what is most unnatural about this is that they say the media represent the voices of Malaysians. That is the belief that they are putting in our brains. I do not think they are right. Why?

This is plain simple- the majority Malaysians are still middle ground Malay. And it is the voice of the Malays that are always heard that should bring any change. If the Malays change, Malaysia will change consequently. And that is why I think the new media never represent the voice of the majority of Malaysians. To see what most Malaysians want, we have to look at what the Malays want. Again, I know that this is super-simple analysis but you have to ask yourself this question too- is this analysis true?

Although in the new media there are Malay columnists who are liberal and okay for them not to be associated as being Malay, but these beliefs are not shared by the majority of the Malays on the streets. Do not tell me they are being scared by The Reds to believe the things I'm going to list down- it is not true. Why? Do you think the Malays are stupid? Is that what you are saying? Well, the Malay columnists who write about nation-building excluding the role of Islam is the stupid ones. Whether you like it or not, Malays put their religion very close to their hearts eventhough there are those who do not pray five times a day. I read the new media every single day and I know they do not touch the hearts of most Malays.

  1. Middle-ground Malays are so scared of The Rocket ruling. We do not like the idea of being ruled by those who extremely oppose the implementation of Islamic Law. If they can oppose that, what else they are going to oppose to?
  2. Middle ground Malays feel 50/50 about Islamic Law. In some parts they are ready, but in the other hand they are not. 
  3. With regards to the Hudud Issue- if you're a Muslim leader (although you said you're a Malaysian first), then you should not say that there is no space for Hudud at all in this country. And if you're a non-muslim leader, YOU SHOULD NOT EVER say that Hudud Law will bring down Malaysian economy.
  4. Middle-ground Malays never accept homosexuality, bisexuality and other kinds of 'out of the norms' forms of sex. We do not like the idea of Seksualiti Merdeka. Only the liberals Malay do. Well, we can be liberal but we choose which liberal ideas we want to adopt- education, economics but when it comes to things related to religion, it's a big no-no.
  5. Middle-ground Malays feel okay with moral policing but we are not okay if we are the ones being policed around. You know what I mean. It's okay to see others being told what to do but if it falls on your nose, you will not like it.
  6. We do not support the Perk*** extremely but sometimes we need it because even if we do not like it, it neutralises the voices of the Rocketeers. We just have a no-no relations with the Rockets. 
  7. We like to hear that Malaysia is an Islamic nation. It makes us feel safe although most of us do not know what it means to be an Islamic nation.
  8. We like ulamas who do not choose political sides and that is why we love the neutral Dr. Asri Zainal Abidin so much. Otherwise why would his blog never lost visitors!
  9. We love to see The Reds and The Greens together in a coalition. It is like our dream comes true! 
  10. We can accept what other races want but never make it obvious that you want everything till we feel un-Malay in our Malay-land. 

Based on the 10 points, I find it hard to locate any of those ideas in the new media- The Insider, The Kini or The Graph. And that's all why I think they do not represent what majority Malaysians want to hear.- The Chukai Insider


  1. aku tiba tiba tergelok besor kat #9. hahaha.. ggood one faidhi!

  2. Gelok? Bakpe pulok? Serious kot. Hahahaha!

  3. Ainul Mardhiah UbaidillahJanuary 11, 2012 at 1:02 AM

    People nowadays, they think that whatever the Westerners are fighting for is what's worth (trendy?) fighting for. Hence the sudden rise in homo/bisexual issues. The sudden rise in rioting. The westerners are fighting for their economic crisis and Malaysians are rioting for whatever trivial issue they see fit just so they can make headlines, just like the orang putih. Like sheep being herded by their master. Sebab tu la dalam al-Quran orang yang 'tak tahu' ni disamakan dengan haiwan ternakan ork? The westerners morals are different than ours, yet we accept theirs because they are the media. They are our 'idols'. So we don't judge them, we allow them to judge us and we accept their verdict. Since 1511. We haven't changed a bit...And the whole hudud thing... I could write a whole angry post about it but I think I already have a few years back.... So...
    Anyways, konklusinya aku sokong la mende2 hok mu tulis ni, as always. Panjang gok la kalu aku nok elaborate on all your points tu so kekgi-kekgi la sikit kalu aku nok cakap pun. Hok pasal hudud tu memang aku dokleh nok komen sangat la sebab kekgi kan ada mende-mende kan...bahaya pulok. But yes, it is the leader who should see what's right, he/she/they shouldn't mislead others so badly. Moden pun modenla jugok. Dok ingat pulok dulu orang Islam pernah je memerintah dunia. Hok ingatnyer now is the western civilization so kena ikut je kalu nok impress the western media. Very not fikiran jauh, I think.


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