12 January 2012

Skyscrapers in Kuala Terengganu


Get ready KT folks, you will see two 30-storey skyscrapers at the mouth of Sungai Terengganu soon. According to the news that I read, that is the case. According to the report, the so-called skyscrapers will be the 'majestic landmarks for the city'. One of the two buildings will be occupied by the Kuala Terengganu City Council.

While the response of the construction of the buildings is already expected by The Chukai Insider, I urge you to again, think rationally and of course, do not be stupid. This is always the case in Terengganu where both the Green Opposition and the Red Government are equally strong, both sides seem to argue things without intellectual analysis. Since I took the news coming from a kind of pro-opposition online portal, the responses are expected. But hey, wait, who has no opinions when it comes to building things- even if they are not Terengganu people or perhaps never even come to Terengganu before!

I like to comment on the comments given to show how stupid or emotional they are. Or should I say moron?
What happen to the oil royalty, isn't it enough for BN to construct a proper skyscraper? By the way do you call 30 floors a skyscraper.
  • There is no announcement on how will the state government fund the project and you already know about it. Kudos, you will be the best 'nujum' or you must have the best crystal ball ever. Anyway, if it comes from oil royalty, why should not the state invest in property? It is our royalty. And do not say that the Terengganu people do not get benefits from the oil royalty. We have one of the most programs in education sectors and our welfare system is like nothing to be compared to other states. I am dead serious. If you are still poor in Terengganu it's either an old lady but still helped by Jabatan Kebajikan or if you're a young man, it's because you do not work (plain lazy). If there are normal people who can succeed in this small town of Kemaman, why should not others? Why? Should the oil royalty becomes the reason for people not to work and be fed directly by the government? Think, people think!
Stupid mentri besar who dont know what to do with the money. People dont need skyscrappers, what they want proper drainage system. Fix chaotic traffic system in the so called city (not fit to be called even a 'pekan') you moron mentri besar!
  • I think they 'are' fixing the traffic system or if not they have done so. I am quiet agree with you with the status given for KT to be called a Bandaraya though and that is why surprise surprise- skyscrapers! But the city fits the criteria, otherwise it would not have been granted, isn't it? I smell high emotions coming from you.  By the way, your saying to characterise KT 'not fit to be called even a 'pekan' ' went too far I would say. Have you been to a pekan and to KT before? If so, that means you need to work on your observing skills! Sedapnya panggil orang moron..
 Money from Petronas royalty are so much... They just don't know what to do (waste). Skyscraper versus fishmen houses at the river mouth of trengganu river would be a perfect photography landscape. Hopefully Ahmad said and the gang would not be around after GE13.
  • So what do you expect to remain the same for the next hundred years? Kalau tak develop kan, marah pulak cakap 'the development is focused in KL je' dan 'the development gap between KL and other city is so huge'. You cannot satisfy anyone, isn't it? I am wondering what if the Greens who build these buildings, what's the tone of the argument?
Anyway, it's not like I am choosing side here but I think some changes are needed to the city of KT to live up to its status. Major projects like this can boost the property market and not to mention the tourism industry. And when property markets are good, the land prices will increase and so the fishermen who own lands near the KT area will get direct benefits. 

Do you expect KT to be the same for the next twenty years? Come on lah people, it's not like you have to oppose everything that is going on. If there is nothing going on, even the KT people especially the young ones will move away from KT. Terengganu government has proven itself to become the champion of education achievements for its students, has done lots of programs to educate its citizens in Islamic educations and for the welfare of its people. There are shortcomings (corruption for example) but does it mean everything has to stop? Even the Greens were corrupted with their logging industry. Ops!-The Chukai Insider


  1. Ainul Mardhiah UbaidillahJanuary 12, 2012 at 10:18 PM

    bakpe orang dok sokong 'skyscrapers' tu? bagus lah ork? even i don't have any oppositions, and that's something coming from me. and how dare second commentator tu ngate kuala terengganu tanoh tupoh darohku T.T

  2. Okay..aku sebenornya ingat mu akan oppose ni. Sorry!!! 
    And aku dok rasa pun bangunan 30 tingkat skyscrapers! 


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