08 January 2012

Who else is watching Grey's Anatomy now?

I've been stuck watching Grey's Anatomy since the first time I watched the first season. Then, it was like a must show to watch every time new episodes coming out. This season is the final season. Meredith Grey will be leaving us after appearing in the 8 seasons from the beginning. After all, the show is about her- Grey's Anatomy.

However, it is not her that I like the most in the show. It's Christina Yang- the kiasu-type who is just good in what she is doing. She is like the character in a TV show that inspires you to study harder. Who says watching TV is not good for your studies. Although she experienced a highly serious trauma in Season 7, she managed to rise up again. To quote her- 'you're either born simple, or you're either born me'.

The last season is still not done yet and the last episode (Episode 10- Suddenly) is more than about Grey. Again, for me, Christina stole the limelight again. She was lied by all of her colleagues to operate on her 'mentor's' husband which proved to be a wrong thing to do. On Dr. Altman's insistence, she was the one chosen to operate on Dr. Altman's husband. The husband, Henry was covered for the whole surgery to not to let Christina from knowing that she was operating on her teacher's husband. The surgery was not successful and Henry died.

However, Dr. Altman was still not finished with the heart operation of a patient. When Christina knew what was going on, she turned mad. Well, who wouldn't? Since no one told Dr. Altman that her husband had just died, and the fact that the heart patient was still on the surgery table, they lied her by telling that Christina managed to save her husband.

Dr. Altman then find it was hard to do the mitral valve procedure on her heart patient without the help of her best cardiothoracic intern, Christina Yang and so she asked for her service knowing that she had just saved her husband. As expected, she refused. But then, for the sake of saving a person's live, she agreed to help Dr. Altman. Can you imagine how hard was it for her?

The surgery was a success. Christina later told Dr. Altman that her husband's surgery was unsuccessful- he died What a drama.-The Chukai Insider

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