11 February 2012

Think and reflect.

Taken from Malay Mail and I fully agree with what our own Iron Lady said. It should be a wake-up call to all of the Malays.

MM: Can you share your thoughts on affirmative policies?

R: We have come to the stage where I, as a Bumi, am embarrassed to demand anything more. Because we’ve got all the opportunities and we still demand after so many years of this policy? Something is wrong with us. I tell the young Bumi fellows: “Hey! Be proud! You’ve already got your education. Compete equally. If you’re still given a handicap, you are useless.”

MM: You had often led business delegations and now still give talks abroad.

R: Yes, and I can tell something to Malaysians abroad. See all these young entrepreneurs who come with me? They didn’t demand anything you know? They come on their own right here. Their fathers maybe at that level. Now no more already. They’d be too embarassed to say: “Oh you got your 30 per cent quota.”

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