14 December 2012

Being Kind- A Detailed Study on Maharaja Syafiq

Being Kind- A Detailed Study on Maharaja Syafiq
By Faidhi Yusoff


Being kind has long being discussed as one of the great good deeds in all cultures transcending across all religions and beliefs, albeit fragmented. This article detailed the study conducted on a male homo sapien of Malaysian origin in which he shall be referred to as Maharaja Syafiq in the following discourse. The exact definition of being ‘kind’ has long been in our plethora of discussions and yet we are still having a precise act of kindness in which this author feels that it is long overdue. The author therefore picks a subject based on his communal living with the subject in almost a year (cumulative). Methods of studies are almost with the consideration of subject (Maharaja Syafiq) with detailed accounts of everyday’s lives which delve into projection of kindness in daily encounters. It is to be noted that this article, albeit sounding scientific and ambitious shall be regarded as an honest account of oneself of another self of human being’s kindness.

Key words: Maharaja Syafiq, kindness, friends, daily acts.

This article is to examine the detailed acts of kindness of a human being referred to as Maharaja Syafiq and based the situations totally on daily acts without considering the deeper emotional attachment which cycles the subject’s emotions translating his act of kindness. The objectives of the study conducted by the author are (i) To provide analysis of daily kindness of subject matter, (ii) To give accounts of how act of kindness affect daily lives without restricting to subject matter only, and (iii) To contribute to promoting act of kindness in daily lives.
This article shall be discussing the act of kindness of Maharaja Syafiq in four aspects of lives as a student living away from family; studies, foods, accommodation and dependency. This article opts to define ‘being kind’ as ‘doing positive acts deemed as good and kind in a open community’ which includes values of patience, dependable and willing to suffer for  other subjects’ ease’; in which in this case it is the subject’s friends and most notably his ‘close’ friends. ‘Close’
Daily dose of studies involve lots of information being transferred from one’s brain to others’ (Yusoff, 2012). Despite the challenging environment the University has provided in preparing students for real world, this author has observed many acts of kindness from Maharaja Syafiq. Several studies in the past year have concluded that the subject, Maharaja Syafiq is always willing to give up his study space/s to friends in need. This act shows how the ‘kindness’ in willing to give most precious space to others in need. Recent examples include ‘The Table of 3538 Room 1’ (Naqiuddin, 2012; Yusoff, 2011, 2012). Although the act of sleeping does not categorically fit to be deemed as ‘studying’ this article ought to opine that sleep depriving is not good for studying and hence falls under this category (see Many Studies in the Web, ...-Now). The Bed of 3538 Room 1 provides not just shelter from the hard floor of the scorching room, but acts as a centre point of the room and a vital part of Maharaja Syafiq’s ‘comfortable kit’, he always willing to give it up to notably three other subjects classified as ‘friends’ in which this article refers to as Naq, Haf and Fai as to protect their privacies. Seldom encounter of the author with Muh (another friend) on the bed provides a detailed account of how Maharaja Syafiq is always open on letting his friends to have comforting experience to study.
Food has always been a focal point avenue of kindness portrayed by Maharaja Syafiq. A simple gesture of ‘Dah makan belum?’ by Maharaja Syafiq points out that he is concerned about people surrounding him in terms of being ‘full’. Not to take granted of this, the author feels it is very important since the gesture makes so much difference to people’s lives especially when they’re hungry (Yusoff and Naqiuddin, 2012). Daily dose of going ‘there and there’ on a Perodua Kelisa with other subjects further self-evidence for Maharaja Syafiq’s kindness.
Accommodation in this context might be referred to be in the form of: laptop, table, bed, pillows, shirts, pants, toothpaste, shower gel, parking space etc. Although this section somehow overlap with Studies section, the author feels that there is a need to emphasise this as it somehow consumes the largest and hence one of the most important aspects of the subject being kind.
Emotional Dependency
The subject is one of the best person in the homo sapien community of dog-is-everywhere community of Senadin. Not that he is free from those emotional attachments but his ability to grasp people’s problems in his own personal way makes him to be one of the best. The solutions and dependency he provided truthfully is the essence of kindness.
This article therefore, with evidences from various studies and interviews and most importantly, detailed observations on Maharaja Syafiq’s daily acts conclude that the acts of kindness is not only the essence of the subject but at the same time able to make your heart moved at times. Let us pray that the subject will continue to be kind and shall be very useful to the community and the humanities at large.

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