01 January 2013

Alhamdulillah Syukur Nikmat, Malaysia Maju Rakyat Selamat

Look around you and observe. Then, extract all of the images from your observations and use your gray matter in your brain. Have a retrospect- think. Knowledge, understanding and action (ilmu, faham, amal) is hard to live by if we leave even one of the parts. Yes, my birthday falls on the first January of the Gregorian calendar, and it is sad that on this particular day, huge numbers of sex hungry teenagers throne the LRT Station to KLCC to celebrate the New Year. It's sad to see how wasted our times being put to use to celebrate something superficial. If you don't agree- what makes it so special that you have to stay up late night and expose yourselves to the fragile world of making sins. I smell backlashes. 

However, I am very pleased to see a new trend in Malaysia- whatever you want to name it; the Islamist, the da'wah etc.- the ability of young Muslims to counter-act these festival of sins. Last year, Ustaz Azhar Idrus joind hand in hand with Zizan- an unlikely combination ten years ago to share a stage and talk about Islam. Argh, this is what I want to refer as The Alhamdulillah Moments in Malaysian history. Even better, my friend told me that Masjid As-Syakirin was full during Isya' prayer and in his word 'macam time solat Jumaat'. Yes, we can assume many things but isn't this is what we have yearned for before?

Speaking of teenagers, I was saddened when I saw blue, pink etc. dirts on their hairs. Oh please, the blond or even red don't fit your Malay looks. I smell backlashes, ouch! Yes your rights, and yes I have opinions. I'm not a fashionista (even my mother can verify this) but the point is- even the not-the-fashionista-man like me also know that blond is not your colour! Allah SWT has created tribes and races with super-duper-Maha Perfect combinations of your skin tone, hair colour, hairness (?) and thickness of your lips; and why do you want to jeopardise what is super-duper-Maha Perfect with the cheap dyes or botox so that you can look like a man/woman with a mouth like a muppet? Seeing all this, one thing came to my mind on my way hom- parenting.

Parenting. This is why I thank my parents so much. And the moment when my mother made me cried when I was in Standard One because I couldn't memorise Sifir 4 rushed to my mind. I remembered clearly that I always stuck in 4x7= 28. The Tiger Mothers are common among the Chinese, Indians and many Malays. But I still think the Malays lack of them. Look and observe your friends- aren't they shaped by their parents? 

To my parents, today marks the 23 years and 9 months 10 days that I first became a cell and multiplies. Through my mitosis and meiosis, and for every cells that have long dead and the newly formed ones, I am grateful to you. All of this could not and will not have happened without Allah SWT's will. Look around and find yourselves the Alhamdulillah Moments of your life.-The Chukai Insider

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