28 February 2013

Where is Amin and Chen?

The memory of a friend who quoted Mark Twain in his essay, never mind what the contents are, is still dancing around in my neurons. Hopefully it will never cease as I still do not want to lose the awe and inspiration of a friend who quoted Mark Twain. Again, it doesn't matter what Chen has quoted from the great American writer and yet it bothers me, at that time, how does this forever-slim friend of mine knows Mark Twain, and more impressively remembers what this long-dead author said. I miss Chen- the only Chinese who can debate in Malay better than millions of other Malays, at least in my mind, and that is the best kind; it's eternal.

Another memory which hides underneath my grey brain is the hairdo of a dear friend, in fact, the best friend ever; who had a Rihanna-like hair for a very short period of his life. Perhaps he was experimenting his life and in a quite bold way! I miss Amin- the adorable ones who was hungry for power to become the most successful Class Monitor ever, at least in the history of Sultan Ismail School II. 

Our batch is the coolest one, there's no doubt about it. We're not like a bunch of these new products who call SIS II as SID. That's one of the most sickening euw-name ever in the history of Shortening School Name. SIS II, a name of history, class and elegance, and of course a little tinge of Malaysian English-school name; Sultan Ismail School II and so SIS II. They don't call Sultan Ismail I as SIS S! Oh, when the boy who came to me and said he is a student of SID, I felt a surge of vomit crawling through my oesaphagus. Lucky, it did not really happen, otherwise some chicken sate would've their new spots on his face. 

The longing for close knit friends to gossip and mengata-mengata orang yang cakap luar walaupun duduk kat Teranung sejok dinasour pupus (ops!), and yes, menganjing-nganjing made myself thinking of going into a well. Haruki Murakami's The Wind-up Bird Chronicle is the answer to the question "why going into a well?". It's nice, in fact, really really nice if you can just stay in a well, a dry one of course, and look at the world in isolation and completely alone. Dive into the novel and you can feel how lonely I am in Mak Chili Heights going through day and night only accompanied by Haruki Murakami, Khubilai Khan, Albert Einstein, John Green, Niall Ferguson, Andrew Solomon and recently, my new love of Jared Diamond's books. I'm afraid to say that Hilary Mantel is one of my companies in this lonely time. Again, you might ask why. There's a great invention named as Google. At the top bar of this 'the greatest invention of the last decade', click on the Images tab and you can understand how reasonable I am.-The Chukai Insider

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  1. SID sucks! After that stupid nickname change I personally think the school is getting worse over the years.


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