06 May 2013

My thoughts on the general election

And of those whom We have created, there is a community who guides (others) with the truth, and establishes justice therewith. {7:181}

Here we go; I'm sure by now the blogosphere (I hate this word but it is a thing, you know) is already rife with everybody's thoughts on the recent Pilihanraya Umum in Malaysia. I know for a fact that at least facebook is. It makes me sick, to be honest. This sudden surge of candid not always graceful opinion about politics by Malaysians from every walk of life.

I am quite naive when it comes to politics. I used to be very opinionated when I was fifteen but looking back, I realize how irrational and immature my stands were at the time, so now I have decided to look at everything from a wider perspective and not be so kecoh about it.

I say that I am naive because I believe in the validity of the general elections results. I have decided to put my trust in the people behind SPR and understand that Barisan Nasional will be our government again. I am not for BN or the opposition; I am for any personality whom I believe is capable of leading a certain state. I know it makes me sound dated and passive, being aggressive is so trendy these days huh? Let's pick fights and hit all the phantom voters to a bloody pulp! Never mind that we have no authority whatsoever to hurt a living being which has done us no physical harm. Never mind that there is no proof of their alleged crime. Let's just beat them up because we can. We are angry and today is election day.

See, these kinds of people, I don't get how they think they are mature enough to vote. They expect fairness from others but have no fairness within themselves.

Facebook is built up of young people and young people in Malaysia are mostly visibly against the government. At least, that's what I understand from where I'm standing. But I think what we youngsters fail to and should understand is that Malaysia is not made up of only young people. Malaysians are old and young, against and for BN. Just because the opposition lost, doesn't mean the election was fixed, it doesn't mean democracy was gone. Sure, BN has been accused of doing a lot of bad things, proven and otherwise, but the fact is a percentage of the population still voted for them. You know these people exist, they're probably just scared to voice out their opinions as loudly for fear of being unpopular so you don't see them rioting out on the streets causing chaos and mayhem and hurling out insults at the opposition. They don't need to go to those extremes because they were already satisfied with the presiding government. Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they're not there. Just because they don't complain as loudly on facebook (at least not on my news feed, for all I know yours could be full of Herbalife advertisements or dancing ponies) doesn't mean that they can't turn out to be a majority of the Malaysian population. This is entirely possible.

Personally, I know a few of my peers who don't want Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim to be the prime minister, and I know a few who do.

So what I'm saying is; the fact that BN won again could be valid and is not necessarily a fraud. If you are not happy, try again in five years. In the mean time, let's see what change is going to happen until then. Be cool, jangan gaduh-gaduh and sesedap hati je nak mengata orang.

I should probably start fearing for my life now.


  1. Should have given PR win this election.
    They won't stop complaining and blaming this and that.
    Sedih gile :(

  2. kalau selangor dan penang buat kiraan kali kedua mungkin BN akan menang. tapi tak make sense ler pulok.

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  10. "You know these people exist, they're probably just scared to voice out their opinions as loudly for fear of being unpopular so you don't see them rioting out on the streets causing chaos and mayhem and hurling out insults at the opposition."

    Ayat ni terbaik. Ingat aku sorang ja rasa camtu. Apa orang panggil 'Silent Majority" eh? Sorry la no bahasa melayu. Inglish aku tunggang langgang


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