24 August 2010

99 Muslim Superheroes!- There's One From Malaysia Too!

If you know a non-violent way to destroy jihad and sharia, please explain it to us. Islam is dominated by violent males. They believe that Muslim immigrants will conquer the West in a few decades. They need sharia as a tool to enslave kafirs and women. We do not have any arguments to persuade them that sharia and conquest of the West are bad ideas. This means that we cannot prevent world war between Islam and the West. When Western kafirs realize that Muslim immigrants are their enemies, all Muslims will be deported, but global jihad will continue. In my opinion, the only way to stop global jihad is to eradicate Islam from the face of the earth. It is easier to eradicate Islam than to reform it.
 “Muslims create repression where they constitute the majority and violent unrest where they constitute the minority. This happens regardless of the ethnic and racial composition of the local population. The only common factor is Islam and the violent supremacist teachings contained in the central texts of this religion. As long as these texts remain unchanged and in force, so will Muslim violence against non-Muslims everywhere… Given that Muslims are currently engaged in open conflicts with most of the global centers of power at the same time, and given that many non-Muslims… have nuclear weapons, the destruction of Mecca in the course of the twenty-first century should be treated as a real possibility. What kind of effect such an event would have on the Islamic psyche is hard to predict. Perhaps it would shatter Islam completely because the Islamic mentality is based on dominance and supremacy.” - Fjordman, source:
Muslim Superheroes!
Do you believe such things are said by an online blogger in, a website that shows talks on various topics with the theme of 'Ideas Worth Spreading'. Kudos to TED for bringing lots of talks from prominent speakers around the world. Not just that, the talks are very very good. What makes it more interesting is that is a talk only lasts for 15 to 20 minutes which became the concept of the talks, to make it short and compact with information and out-of-the-box opinions.

Then I came across this one speaker, Naif Al-Mutawa who created an animation about 99 Muslim Superheroes and it is on par with Marvel comics like Batman, Superman and Catwoman.
What makes it more interesting is that the characters involve directly in worldly mission together with Batman, Superman and other characters. The cartoon is actually a big hit already in Middle East and the West, especially in Europe but it never catch people's attetntion here in Malaysia.

The 99 characters have superpowers that actually came from the 99 Names of Allah. Each character presented has power and responsibilities. But they were tested first; those who have the powers  will sometimes use it for the sake of their own. There is one character that comes from Malaysia too. Her superpower is being knowledgeable and intelligent. Anyway, the cartoon should be great if it already is a hit in other parts of the world. They even have theme parks in the Middle East dedicated to the characters in the cartoons. According to Naif, the cartoon is to spread peace.
While the 99 represent Allah's myriad attributes — everything from wisdom to faithfulness — there is no overt mention of religion in the stories. "When you read through the books, there is no mention of Islam, Allah or the Koran," says Mutawa. "I used an Islamic archetype, but the actual stories don't show any Islam, because they are based on values that we all share." Even Superman, Batman and Spider-Man, he says, "are based on religious archetypes. Like the prophets from the Bible, they are all orphans. Superman left his parents on the planet Krypton, and Batman sees his father and mother gunned down in front of him."
Yet the 99 do try to teach virtues valued by Islam, such as working as a team and combining your strengths with those of others. "The goal is to teach children that there are 99 ways to solve a problem," says Mutawa. "In the eighth issue, Jabbar the Powerful must rely on Noora's ability to see the 'light of truth' in others to annihilate the bad guys."

-The Chukai Insider

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