24 August 2010

Merdeka celebration is here, but our neighbour is burning our Jalur Gemilang

The front page of
Utusan Malaysia today
It is a week before our 53rd Merdeka and yet we see burnings of our national pride, Jalur Gemilang in our neighbouring contry. Everyone knows which country I am referring to. No surprise, huh? Indonesians have always been part of our history and it is undeniable that we became significant in their histories as well. I remembered the Ganyang Malaysia that we studied in Sejarah before and how we use our diplomacy with their Foreign Minister at that time, Adam Malik. Tun Abdul Razak who was involved in the meeting probably would never think that after 35 years, most Indonesians still feel deep sense of resentment towards us. 

Many of us also suggest that this largely due to the high patriotism of our fellow Indonesian friends and their hard ways of gaining Independence and how we Malaysians have little love to our country. It is partly true because I know many of us did not know what they have done to our embassy and flag in Indonesia. I think this is because our Government suppress the mainstream media to publish the news to prevent further crisis with Indonesia. 

Indonesia's Government on the other hand does not have such power although they are trying hard to control the situation but their citizens mostly are uncontrollable. Malaysians always use diplomacy and we are not taught at schools to go to streets and protest foreign countries illegally. I remember the last time we use street protest to criticise foreign country was during Peace Malaysia, I guess.  Even that, it was planned months before and was controlled by police. You can see the difference in both countries. We are more relaxed, and they are very much more radical. We do feel the same anger with the burning of the flags  but we channel it through proper means; diplomacy, petitions and controlled protest. Do not feel they are the weaker ways because we use our diplomacy skills to gain Merdeka and manage to bring many foreign investments in our country. Yes, we are not extreme physically, but we have brains. 

So, let's work hands by hands and do proper ways to show our angry towards them. Never do silly things like burning their flags or throwing human faeces at their embassy because if we do, we have not much difference from them. When they burn our flags, pray that we will prosper and that God knows what to do. 

Not just burning Jalur Gemilangs, they also
threw human faeces at Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta.
I take this opportunity to condemns the burning of Jalur Gemilang and any other uncivilised events done by Indonesians. I do not condemn all Indonesians, only those who are involved in those events because being friends with many of them, I know not all of them are the same. 

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