22 August 2010

Ainul talks about Enigma and the stories behind it

Enigma is a novel written by two Form Two students when they were studying at Sultan Ismail II. If you were in the class, you should remember how Chen and Ainul kept arguing on how to keep the story alive. Karen was in the fight as well. For those who would like to read the novel, there is an online version of it. Click here to read the full version. 

This is my e-mail interview with one of the authors, Ainul Mardhiah. Currently, she is studying Medicine in Poland. The interview with another author, Chen Kim Soong will be on this blog soon. He is very busy now, I guess. For the Si2,the novel became part of our history. For the rest, remember the novel is Kemaman-made product!

What is Enigma about?
Supposedly,we were trying to write an adventure with a historically correct background. It's about the last direct descendant of the Tsars of Russia and how the enemies of the royal line are trying to eliminate them once and for all. So the whole story is on how they try to survive.
Why did you write Enigma?
As a challenge actually. We were really into Dan Brown booksThe Da Vinci Code had just come out, and we liked the idea and concept. It was a good way to spend our carefree form 2 year.
Have you ever imagined yourself as Aurora? If yes, how? If no, why?
Never. I wrote Aurora as a pretty weak person and Chen emphasized even more on her pathetic-ness. So I never really liked her as a protagonist. I don't know how it happened and I'm really sorry for her character but throughout the development of the story she became more and more weak inside. So I put a lot more good characteristics in Dmitri.
What was your memorable experience in writing Enigma?
Chen's drilling. Every time we had extra time in between classes,he would drill me (and sometimes Karen and Ji Lee) to finish writing our chapters. He of course finished them on time always.
How do you feel working with your co-author, Mr Chen? (any crush?)

No, duh. Mu ni, soalan controversial sungguh ork? Mu ingat mu Oprah?
What do you want people to take away from Enigma?
I want people who read Enigma to always have an open mind cause we were mere teenagers when we wrote it and some of the chapters are a bit badly written and the plot is extremely messy. But we have decided to let it go for now so the plot will stay that messy for quite a long time if not forever. So I hope people just have fun reading it and always keep their expectations at a minimum. Think of it as our tribute to all our favourite writers cause admittedly,there are loads of stuff taken off their ideas here and there.
Why Enigma? Why Aurora? Why Dmitri?
Enigma cause I liked that word. I had only just found out what it meant at the time and I loved it. Aurora because that's the name of my favourite Disney princess. Dmitri because it was the only Russian name I knew. :)

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