22 August 2010

How do we relate ourselves to Merdeka?

There are 9 days left before we celebrate the 53rd Independence Day. I consider that we have two Independence Days; 31st August and 16th September. Many argue that it would be hard to celebrate both of them? What is so hard about it? The people in Semenanjung should remember that without 16th September, we would not have Malaysia. There is always this dogma that we are the superior ones, so we should 31st August more while it is 16th September that brings us together. But we never have a holiday on 16th September. How ironic is that?

Politicians today always keep repeating how the younger generations, our generations could never understand Merdeka. Well, they never do anything about it except keep repeating the statement. I would say they are not well versed with our generation because they are cocoon with the notion that adults know best. It is partly true. Well, I wonder who involve in corruption the most. Oh yeah, it’s the adults I guess. In your face! Unless they think being corrupted is part of appreciation to Merdeka.

Let’s get real here, my fellow friends. The state of emotional politics today does not depict how a Merdeka country should be. We basically are always being asked what Merdeka means to us? The last generation cannot blame on us if we have different answers from them. But we should remember what our forefathers do in getting all the wealth that we are enjoying now.

The question is how do we relate ourselves to Merdeka? The Sejarah lessons in our schools should be the stage where we could discover it, but most of us did not.


Please give some comments and heat up a discussion. Seduce me with your Merdeka opinions.

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