31 August 2010

*nama haiwan yang slalu dicarutkan :)

-The Chukai Insider

Currently living in a 3-room basement apartment at Nichol Avenue. Kinda ancient and lame but yeah, I am kinda oldie, at peace with it anyway. With my room dengan takde lampu syillingnyee, alahaai......katil and tilam baru je sampai, tak sampai hati pulak nk toss my borrowed sleeping bag away. Haha...Cut it !

Juicy details about this place would fly out soon. Hopefully. -_-''

Anyway, was on my way out for berbuka puasa with the Bayard Girls, then came out this ah-how-obvious-could-it-be typical american with his kononnya-ganas voice saying

"hey you, next time dont park here, this is my spot !"

to taufik, who was trying to gostan the car, and we was like

"YOUR SPOT ??" *dalam hati jela

the parking space is at the back of the house, really is a huge space and tenants are free to park just anywhere, boleh pulak kau nk main cop cop tempat parking. oink oink la u nie, tahu ?

tunggu la kau.....siap doorbell kau aku kerjakan nnt.

Till then folks. Selamat Berbuka. Soh beng duk gelenya ngat bulang pose nieh.

*oh rindunya hati ai kt rambut mummy ai yg mcm artis tu

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