02 September 2010

Just something to be pondered

Well, read this. (I know, I suppose to write about Morris but not now:P)

I just want to highlight this,

“The teaching of Islam is to hate the Jew, to hate the Christian, to kill them. Their goal is world domination.”

My reactions as a muslim:

Bila masa pulak? Ade ke? (tone kecewa...bukan panic,hysteric ke ape). Truth to be told, he himself is not a muslim but why speaking as if he knows everything about Islam (..wait, is he a she? I forgot). When people hate something (anything lah, not just Islam), logically, will they ever find something good or nice about it? Nope, right? Yup, I know memang ada orang Islam yang jahat, tapi Islam tak ajar pun untuk dia jadi jahat, itu pilihan dia sendiri. Tapi kenapa bila orang Islam membunuh, sebagai contoh, nama "ISLAM" tu yang dihighlightkan? Bila seorang (yelah, 20000 ke) yg buat jahat, adilkah nak cakap seluruh Islam itu jahat? (I'm not preaching k, just expressing my thoughts)

As a conclusion,
“Sesungguhnya Islam datang dalam keadaan asing dan akan kembali pula dalam keadaan asing, maka berbahagialah orang-orang dikatakan asing.” (HR. Muslim dari hadits Abu Hurairah dan Ibnu Umar radhiallahu ‘anhuma)

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