16 September 2010

Have you heard that stories?

Listen my fellow friends, I have not written on this blog for such a long period of time.

Have you heard before this the stories about the burning of the Korans in the United States? Have you listened to the news where many Americans protesting the building of an Islamic Centre near Ground Zero? Or have you not noticed our own embassy have been thrown faeces? And have you not heard that our Jalur Gemilang has been burnt many times in Jakarta?

Having heard these stories many times, I now understand why our Malaysia controlled its media (newspapers, news, television) so much. What catalysts the situations in Indonesia is the competition between two broadcasting networks to gain more ratings. In the US, what so called 'freedom of expression' has caused anger not just for the Muslim Americans, but the whole Muslim populations on this Earth! What is so unfortunate is that the media portrays these events as though it represents the majority views. Although I noticed many of us say that our Government is pressing the media,  I think it is for the best for a small nation like Malaysia.

Remember, freedom comes with responsibility!
-The Chukai Insider

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