26 September 2010

Why should youths engage in politics?

The last Hari Raya was both a tough and happy occasion for me. There were lots of explaining to do and they went perfectly well. While many of my families came gathered in my house even though it was on the fourth day of Hari Raya, a bunch of my girl friends went to Mesra Mall. Having lots of cash in my wallet, I went straight to my favourite place, bookstore. After many blahs, and another blahs, we decided to go back home. With girls in baju kurung, we stopped by at an undiscovered beach which was very beautiful.

I could not remember exactly how did we arrive on the topics of politics when we were inside her gorgeous orange Viva. Being always interested in politics (not that I am good in it because I have never been in politics), took out many of my ideas inside my small brain. We went further and further until she said that it was really interesting talking to us about it unlike many of her friends in university that never cared about politics.

To all of youths in Malaysia, here are the reasons why you guys should give your attention to politics in this country, and think because unlike our education system, this could be the only arena for us to think critically!

Our current politicians are both old and stuck with very old ideas (Kuno-ism in Politics).Never say that you have never realised that a Minister has been around more than 20 years and the position he is dealing with is Information? He's dealing with Twitter and Facebook generation.Why should not the post being held by those who are born after 1970 who had better grasp on the subject matter? No. we cannot because we do not have many young capable politicians.Our politicians (old) are still stuck in the past because they fear that the country would not go the way they wanted it to be. Youths have their stakes in this country and should decide on their own on where the country is heading.

Youths account for the largest strata in our society and yet  we never being recognised significantly. We have our own minister to deal strategically with us. No matter what is your stance in politics , or whoever you support there are not much young faces in our political environment; Khairi Jamaluddin in UMNO, Nasharudin in PAS and Gobind in DAP. Oh no , I forgot the girl from PKR whom I think wants to make her whole family stays in POWER! We have always seen politics as the arena for the oldies to fight and storm their anger towards other parties. Or in Malaysian politics, when you say nasty things about other parties, you are like saying it to other races because believe it or not, we still are divided by race-based politics.

The most important reason why youths should put their roles in politics is that we should lead the change in Malaysia. We read about the racial politics, how our education system worsens and our lack of performance in economy, why don't we take control about our Malaysian Dreams? Be the change that you want to see. The way is through politics. Have your own principles. Notice anything happens now because these could the lessons that we will use in the future. We should lead the old politicians to a better future. We account the largest number in Malaysia, we have the real power! We should lead Ibrahim Ali, Lim Kit Siang and Samy Vellu to change because obviously their supporters are no longer young. We are the new Malaysians, we were born in Malaysia, not Tanah Melayu or Malaya like them. We want a politics in which we are close to and not a politics which distances its gap from us. 

We are smarter, trust me. Do not be their lab rats to determine our future. Do you remember if any Education Minister asked us if we want to study in English or Malay? See, they see  us as lab rats! We have our own ideas but never realise them. I do not know whether this would work or not, but I'm doing my part. How about you?

-The Chukai Insider

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