26 September 2010

Miskin Vs Kaya

I have this idea that instead of the race-based politics that many of our pre-Merdeka politicians said worked out very well, we should apply a political system where the poor fights with the rich people. We change from race-based politics to class-based politics. With the recent Economic Transformation Program launched, and the upcoming New Economic Model, I wonder if the Government has the ability to bring Malaysia as a high-income nation. The calculations that they use is the Gross National Income in which they divide the whole national income with the number of populations. However, what will happen if the riches are getting richer and the middle-income earner still stuck at the same place, our GNI will also increase. The goal then should be to increase the GNI of the current middle-income earner to be on par with the current riches who live mostly in Hartamas or KLCC area. 

The structure of today's politics therefore should be changed, if not the riches will always be getting richer. The goal will be attained but the fabrics of our society will always stays the same. There are many poor urban Chinese and thousands of low-income Indians in estates. Hence, why should the races fight against one another. Instead, the poor should form a coalition to fight with the riches. We do not want the New Economic Model/s launched after this will make the riches getting richer and leaving us behind. We want our children to study in world-class environment like your children too, politicians. Why many of our politicians send their children abroad and never change our education system to be on par with their children's schools? Why they can have their sons and daughters to learn Science and Mathematics in English while we cannot? Is there any conspiracy between the politicians and the riches to stay in dynastic powers in Malaysia? Their children will be proficient in English and came out of Harvards and Oxfords of the world to grab Parliament seats while our children fight for scholarships to go overseas and then return without jobs, except if you are a Medical student. Well, there are many who you sent abroad and they are just tip of the iceberg. How about the rest who are smart, but never get the chance to study in the best schools? Why not make our school the best? Are you afraid if we are smarter than you are and will fight you? I bet you do!

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