16 October 2010

Baca Baca Baca

Hi, lama tak jumpa...

Since I don't want to work, and my parents seem okay about that, I spend most of my time reading..Best giler!!!

This is my routine everyday:

Wake up at 9 or 10

Take shower, brush my teeth during shower and enjoying Shokubutsu's magic

Drive to Kedai Depan Pejabat Persekutuan ( I still call it Kedai Keling because the last owner was Indian and I don't really understand why the word 'keling' is very sensitive, can someone explain why???)

Buy The Star

Eat breakfast, drink Nescafe Gold while reading The Star. I tell you, I read all articles even the business section...Ekkk, wrong..ESPECIALLY the business section

Do committed reading (nampak serious sikit..).Hehehe..bestnye...

Well, that day I tried online shopping!!! I bought four books from Kinokuniya using my father's credit card. Since I use my father's credit card, Kino People contacted me and asked for approval from my father...
So, I pun create-la a Yahoo account for my father. Faidhi Yusoff a.k.a Yusoff Hasan pun hantarla email kat Kino People tu..saying that my son is allowed to use my credit card...The next day, a nice brown box arrived from... Cepat kan? Strongly recommended!!!! Tapi dalam 3 hari, dah habis 2 buku...Orhan Pamuk's..tinggal 2 lagi..

So, basically I am in a resort in Mak Chili...and I am served with great gourmet experience that increases my waistline to 33/34..

Baca Baca Baca! Buku ni best giler!!!
-The Chukai Insider


  1. first of all,omg blog ni dah lain and i like the old one better.2nd of all,mak ayah aku panggil kedai tu kedai in zamghi dlm loghat tganu.diorg pakai reka je nama pemilik kedai tu sbb xtau nk panggil apa selain kedai keling! hhahahahaa.sory,aku syok sendiri gelok pasal ni everytime i think about it :P

  2. hahaha. woit, aku saje saje la main2 ngan blog ni..aku nok tukar sekerap mungkin..
    kedai zamghi..

  3. hahaha. woit, aku saje saje la main2 ngan blog ni..aku nok tukar sekerap mungkin..
    kedai zamghi..


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