05 September 2010


I am usually someone whose harsh non-sugar coated advice makes people want to shoot up and die but I'm trying to change at least. 

When I was a kid I used to play this computer game called Girl Talk on our lembab PC with my sisters. You had to win a game against other players and whenever you lose, you have to choose a big fat zit for your avatar's pretty face as punishment. Pretty creative really.

But inevitably you grow up and realize life isn't that simple,although you wish it were. No, you can't simply pick a zit as punishment for your failures. It would be a lot easier that way though. Zits disappear a helluva lot faster than guilt and shame. But then you can't control the rate you want a zit to disappear either, as opposed to your own feelings. Anyways...

Malaysians are not accustomed to dealing with failure. You get people who can't deal with it cause it's so alien to them and you get people who roll with it too often they just don't feel the pain anymore,thus they never learn and ultimately become the real failures. But you can't really blame us. We live in a country where human capital is growing like, something that grows really fast (my metaphor vocab is thinning what with all the zit talking) and we tend to think because of all the competition,we only ever get ONE big break in our lives. Which is wrong of course. See,the fact of the matter is, possibilities are limitless. The only thing that's hard is getting your bummed up ass up and running again after a failure and when you feel that bad,it really does seem like your chances are zilch.

When you live in a developed enough country you don't have to feel this constant struggle for scholarships and jobs and even food that other less fortunate people do. And actually,the reality is that nobody should ever feel that way. Failure is a state of mind, no matter how cliche that statement is,there's a reason it is and that's because it's true. And when you're a muslim,there shouldn't be such a thing as failure, only knowledge gained from it. We don't have to live with our success in the world cause it means nothing to us in the end. We live to die. And if success in life means that much to a muslim,then they should reflect on how they're living their lives more. 

When a muslim dies he only gets to bring three things: his knowledge, his good deeds and the prayers of his children for him. That's why muslims shouldn't live for success, he should live for the knowledge from whatever outcome his ventures bring him. I pity those who don't believe in heaven and hell or life in the hereafter. What do these people live for other than themselves? And when they die? What then? They can't bring their riches with them, they can't bring the good name people granted them in life if they have no good name in the face of God. They have nothing and they worked for nothing. A true muslim only smiles at failure and moves on cause he didn't fail Allah, he didn't fail at all. Life is just a journey that's ending faster with every passing minute. You have a destination and you know how to get there. Nothing else should matter. 

Faidhi,jangan sedih :)
p/s: bila mu nok tukor url link enigma tu? url dia enigmaniacS la,bukan enigmaniac.

Sahih International
And when We bestow favor upon the disbeliever, he turns away and distances himself; and when evil touches him, he is ever despairing.
Muhsin Khan
And when We bestow Our Grace on man (the disbeliever), he turns away and becomes arrogant, far away from the Right Path. And when evil touches him he is in great despair. 
Sahih International
Say, "Each works according to his manner, but your Lord is most knowing of who is best guided in way."
Muhsin Khan
Say (O Muhammad SAW to mankind): "Each one does according to Shakilatihi (i.e. his way or his religion or his intentions, etc.), and your Lord knows best of him whose path (religion, etc.) is right." 
surah al-israa'.

-The Chukai Insider

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