21 October 2010

Are books in Malaysia suppose to be expensive?

I think this is another conspiracy made by the rich in Malaysia so that the poor cannot afford to buy books. You see, if they want the poor to become poorer, they should not let any sources of knowledge to go to us. If we become more able than them in any sector, they will feel threatened. Alhamdulillah, they let us have internet although it is at freaking expensive price compared to other developed countries.

Okay, books are expensive. I don't know why is that so in Malaysia, but there are many campaigns to encourage reading in Malaysia. Well, why cannot all books sold in MPH or Kinokuniya or Popular be as cheap as those in Bookxcess. If you look at the prices of books sold in Bookxcess, you will be surprised that even at the lowest price, they still can get profits. Hey the riches of Malaysia, is it because reading is an elitist  hobby? Is reading for rich politicians to read Machiavelli's or Tsun Zu's only? Well, of not do something about it? Poor people like me cannot buy so many books. Imagine a 400 pages novel costs about RM34.90, can a student buy this if he/she has RM500 per month? Seriously, like those Malay students from rural areas  or even urban poor, RM500 are used by them to survive every month. Do you think there is any space for them to allocate RM34.90 to buy book?

Datuk Seri Najib, I know you're a book fan as well, please do something to reduce the book prices in the market. Please...
-The Chukai Insider

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