21 October 2010

Budget oh Budget...

If you are in Malaysia, and if you fond of reading newspapers and online news portal, you will experience the sickness that I am having right now. Trust me, if you really read into all of the politics, economics, social welfare and the articles, you will want to see each of them and kick their asses. One by one.

What's really happening exactly? First, there is the UMNO General Assembly, the PKR Election, small elections in Kelantan and Sarawak, never-ending race debates, education standard, orang miskin and bla bla blah...

Budget 2011 which has just been announced by Prime Minister received many attentions from the public. Other topics kat atas tu..ugh, susah nak selesai. So, kalau Najib Razak baca ni, I nak bagitau perasaan I dekat Budget 2011 ni.

Benda yang I happy dalam Budget 2011:
1. Of course, being a mega-project minded person, I really really welcome the PNB Warisan Merdeka Project, the MRT Project and all of the highways. There is a lot of brouhaha about the 100-storey tower to be build, but I say go for it. Frankly speaking, the positive impacts are much better than all of the concerns that oppositions said. They all said this is like Mahathir la, they all jealous actually. My only concern is property glut, but if the ETP work out, many foreigners will come and occupy the spaces in KL. So, I pray for that.

2.The allowance of KAFA teachers, imams and JKKK all are increased. KAFA ustazahs semua dah dapat RM800, imams dapat RM750, and JKKK dapat RM800 jugak. JKKK tu yang sign borang-borang kita tu..
Bagusla bagi motivasi sikit, kita kan nak jadi high-income nation. Tapi kalu orang tu Imam and JKKK sekali macam mana? Kualiti JKKK tu kena pertingkatkan lagil biar nampak profesional, macam university graduates ke lantik la..

Yang I sangat x happy!
1. This is what I listened in UMNO General Assembly last night, ada mak cik dari Pahang ni cakap " Ingat la, UMNO ni menang banyak kat luar bandar, kat bandar kalah!". Nothing could be further from the truth. Tengok Budget ada tak specific allocations for Terengganu. What, the ECER allocations that we have to share with other states? Ugh, banyak la sangat. We, Terengganu people demand that Kerteh to be the largest oil hub in SEA! Minyak ada kat sini, dia buka terminal kat Melaka la, Port Dickson la..Kerteh? No major mega developments in Terengganu at all! Jaga-jaga next election! Kat Iskandar Johor tu macam-macam boleh buat, ni kat Terengganu amende ada? Projects tak menarik langsung!

My advice, you'd better take care of us in Terengganu really well, you don't want the 1999 episode to be back again...

-The Chukai Insider

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