20 October 2010

Turkey oh Turkey...

I know you would probably have some places that you really want to go. Orang Gong Limau tu nak pergi New York, dia dah pergi dah..Orang Lot 144 tu nak pergi Niagara Falls rasanye.. Yang lain, I don't know la.

I want to go to Turkey. I don't know if it is because I am in Orhan Pamuk's dreams right now or because the place is just too beautiful; physically, historically, culturally..orang nye pun lawa, boleh buat bini.

Have you read into a book so much until you get carried away and dreamt about it in your sleep? Scary kan? Eeee, lagi-lagi masa bunuh-bunuh. Maybe because my mind has no urge to be filled with academic stuffs right now, that is why it is filled with imaginations about Turkey, particularly in Istanbul.

To my future wife, if Allah permits, and I have enough money, I want to bring you to Istanbul for honeymoon. We'll go to Hagia Sophia, the blue mosque and take lots of photos..

And of course, shopping. 

Psycho kan aku? Ni la kalu lonely, fikir nak cari bini. Moralnya, beranganla sebab tu akan membuat anda kerja keras nak capai impian anda.. Kalu minat nak pergi Turkey dengan free, bagi la proposal nak meminang. Or sebab orang Turkey lawa, aku pergi je Istanbul buat balik sorang?

-The Chukai Insider

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