20 October 2010

Yong Chyn Wei, Congratulations!!!

If you are my KTJ friends, let me introduce you this young boy. His name is Yong Chyn Wei and he used to sit next to the next person to me in class. Faham  tak? Sebelah orang sebelah. Meja tu untuk 3 orang yang gila kuasa duduk kat depan kelas, Yong; Ketua ICT kot or Gossip Club; and then Amin Ketua Kelas; and then me the humblest of all..

So, this Yong got his article in NST. To all of  my friends dekat overseas tu, ni la online version Yong's article. Yang article birthday punye tak jumpe..sorry.

This Yong is very talented. Congratulations! Bangga I dengan orang Kemaman!

Btw, don't read this book. X best langsung!

-The Chukai Insider

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