26 October 2010

The Element!

Hi! Ain just bought me this book: The Element by Ken Robinson. The actual price is RM57.00 but in BookXcess, it's only RM 17.OO!!! Wooooo! Murah murah!!!

Yes, it's very philosophical and so me! Haha, most of you won't like reading this. I know Ainul doesn't like this kind of book.

Terima kasih, Ain! Ba bai!
-The Chukai Insider


  1. no,i don't :P
    aku tgh cuba nak baca wolfhall.
    tp skg ni tgh xdok masa.
    look it up!aku tau mu xdok keje

  2. Ow..Aku dah ada buku tu...Hardcover RM19.90!!! buku tu best tapi dia punya la panjang..and cerita dia kena bagi attention..kalu x aku x faham..


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