13 November 2010

Greens are being destroyed by the Pale Blues- The Chukai Insider

It's politics. Do You know who are Greens and who are Pale Blues? I guess you do. Beware of the Blues, it's not Dark Blues, people! I like Dark Blues. I love both Dark Blues and Greens. But when the Greens want to cooperate with the Pale Blues, it was one of the worst political strategy ever. Why? Mind you that the Pale Blues are very close the Whitey Rockets. Pale Blues need Whitey Rockets to win! However, the Greens and Whitey Rockets always contradict in their ideologies. With regards to the previous post, I'm very sad when the Reds (child of the Dark Blues) cannot work together with the Greens. If they do work together, I think the Whitey Rockets will be scared. When Greens and Reds are together on a stance, no one can ever stop them. When they are together, it's always the Dark Blues that will get benefit from it. If Greens and Reds are united, Withey Rockets will blast off from any political ploy and drama in Malaysia.

That's why, when the Pale Blues become the glue that stick the Green Moons and White Rockets together, it's destroying the Greens. Greens, you can stand on your own. You are jeopardizing your own principles by letting the White Rockets rape you. We know this happens all the time. Even if you don't want to be good with the Reds, don't let the White Rockets belittle you. The Pale Blues don't do anything. Personally, if you do win in the next round of election, I want your Green Leader to become the PM, not the Pale Blues or the udang-di-sebalik-batu White Rockets.

To Greens, please be nice and kind to the Reds and the Dark Blues. Think wisely before being friend with the Pale Blues. -The Chukai Insider

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