13 November 2010

After 21 Years of Waiting, Let Me Give You Some Insights

Come January, I'll be 21 years old. Waiting to be a 21 year-old is a lot more fun compared to when I was waiting to smoke legally permissible at the age of 18 ( Do I smoke? Yeah, it's just I'm allergic to the wrapping paper, so I'm still a cigarette-virgin.)

I read an article in NST today saying that a columnist came across a girl that doesn't know her rights to vote when she turns 21. I guess the columnist met a wrong person. For me, I can't wait to register for an election voter! Wooh!

By now, it should be clear that I'm not a fan of a political party. I do not look highly upon one de facto leader of a political party to be the future Prime Minister of Malaysia. I never say the party that I will vote is perfect and the best! After 21 years, 9 months and 10 days of analysis, I think I know strongly which one I'll be voting. For Parliamentary seat, one candidate has confirmed his place inside my head. For the Sate seat, I think I'm not a fan of the current Mentri Besar. Should I not vote his party's candidate in my constituent as a sign that I don't want him as a Mentri Besar?

Okay, let's go back to Parliamentary seat of my constituent. Voting for this seat means you are voting for the national level Government; the Federal Government or Kerajaan Pusat. I already lose major confidence in one political party to form a stable government that can attract investments (Yes, I care about money! Who doesn't?). Here are the reasons to not support the moons and rocket:

1. Where is the single-focused goal for Malaysians?
The coalition of this party consists of one party that put Islamic nation as an ideology (it's slogan is Membangun Bersama Islam). The other one firmly stand on a secular country. Another party is like a glue holding the both parties together. They are in chaos by the way. Let's say they succeeded in their process to conquer Putrajaya (one party wanted to sell Putrajaya in 1999 you know? Now, they want it! Ouch!), what will happen to Malaysia? Of course by that time, Trengganu, Kelantan, Kedah and Perlis will be ruled by one Islamic party (no doubt if the greens are strong), and most west-coast states will be ruled by the other two parties. Note that one party wants a secular Malaysia that do not put Islam as the official religion. Do you know which country is a secular country now? Turkey. Then, what will happen? The Trengganuites have to follow hudud law while my friends in Johore will not get their hands cut if they steal? Wow, what a simple difference ideology can lead to something like that?

2.Both parties corrupt
His party (it's like a one-man party) claims the current Government practices corruption, crony-ism, racist and maybe political dynasty. Let me throw your own shit to your face. Shit no.1: Corruption? Do you really want to use this point? You party election says everything. Shit no.2: Crony-ism? Who's your pet brother to become the Vice President of your party? I heard one of the candidates already pulled out from the contest saying you are biased towards him. Oh my God! What will he get if you become the PM? Warisan Merdeka? Ouch! Shit no.3: Racist: I thought you were in the racist party before? Did the jail officer tell you to change your view about your last political party? Shit no.4: Political dynasty; ye la anak Mahathir dalam kabinet, anak Chua Soi Lek, anak menantu Pak Lah etc. la. Helloooo!!!! I thought it's your daughter who wants to run for Vice President position? Or is it your wife who is the current President? Looks like somebody got his family in power! Okay, enough shits. We move on. Ni tak termasuk gandingan ayah anak dalam parti roket negara. Ada 2 pasangan pulak tu.

Some segment in societies may say that it's the Government's responsibilities to provide developments and infrastructures. That means my supported party cannot use this reason to win elections. I totally agree with that. However, when I see the Opposition rules in 4 states, no economic integration between them. It's like one-third of a country already and you still can't make something mega to happen. We need more wows and not just keep blaming others being your only source to get more supports. When this happen, you blame the Federal government for not providing support. It's not just me, even Sin Chew Daily thinks the same when it publishes an article about the inability of the states to be economically resourceful. Why can't you stand on your own? Why keep blaming others? Which political theory that you use? It's not just the gambling-money issues in Penang which is very sensitive to the Malay community, but for the Kedah Mentri Besar to ban NST, Utusan and some other newspapers is just stupid. You say you are fighting for press freedom. Where is the KeAdilan Rakyat? No, seriously it seems like your party is just like a party! Good governance needs visions and inspirations. Cakap memang senang, tapi bila dah memerintah, kacau bilau.

I choose party which has lesser problems and is the best platform for country's development holistically. Both parties corrupt. Both parties do not meet my expectations. Both parties are not perfect. One party is a very one-manship party. Machiavellian is very obvious in that party. For that party to win, the future PM will be a puppet. The party can't stand on its own if the coalition breaks. While the other so-called Malay party that I support can win on itself even without the coalition. Check the parliamentary seats. That means, how thoughtful for my party is to cooperate with other parties. That shows unity. My friends, choose the lesser of the two evils that you think. Don't jeopardize Malaysia's future. Go register when you turn 21. I just give you some insights. -The Chukai Insider


  1. pehh ada org share blogpost ko weh! bangga aku!!!!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHH terbaik Faidhi!

  2. its visionary and have a conception.proud of u!!!you can be a gud leader can speak up and daring...

  3. its visionary and have a conception.proud of u!!!you can be a gud leader can speak up and daring...

  4. pehh ada org share blogpost ko weh! bangga aku!!!!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHH terbaik Faidhi!


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