12 November 2010

My New Girlfriends- Faidhi Yusoff

When I woke up from bed one morning, I was so happy to know that one of my girlfriends will come to my house. I e-mailed my girlfriend's caretaker, and he said I'll be getting her the next day. I was so happy and excited. Then, around 9 o'clock after my usual Nescafe with The Star, I received a phone call from an auntie. She said she doesn't know where my home is to come and send my girlfriend. So, I decided to go to her place by myself and get my girlfriend from her.

I drove my Persona to Taman Chukai Utama where I'll be picking up my new girlfriend. Parking. I went straight to the auntie's place and tell my name. I saw her.

She was wrapped beautifully in a big brown box. I move the box a little bit and found her to be very light. I was so thrilled. Then, I went home. I did not talk to her on my way home, although there were lots of jelingan manja from me. But I did not do it as obvious as others could see my jelingan. I thought they will think I was crazy.

At home, I opened the box. She was there waiting for me to pick her up. Her name is 'My Name Is Red'. She brought her brother and sister as well. The boy's name is 'Slap' and the girl's name is ' Museum of Innocence'. I think her sister did lots of nasty things. After spending many times with her, I know she's dirty. However, when I spend my time with My Name Is Red, I know she's a very good girl. She came from the Ottoman Empire. That's why I really want to go to Turkey now. I haven't spent time with Slap yet. He's from Australia.

A few days after that, Ain was in Kemaman. She brought me another girlfriend. She's like a sugar-mommy. She brought me two girlfriends; Orchid and ...Element. They are so beautiful. Especially Orchid. I call her Empress Orchid. She was married to the second last Emperor of the last China dynasty. She's a Manchurian. They are very cheap too (cheap!). But when I know them better, they are so beautiful and does not deserve to be at the place where they came from.

Do you want to see my girlfriends? -The Chukai Insider


  1. mu dah delete comments budak tak sedar diri tu ek? bagus bagus...tak guna gak simpan,kita patut bantu budak tu sedarkan diri sket..

  2. yup. aku dah delete.... i'm growing.


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