14 November 2010

Zahid Hamidi, you are screwed! - The Chukai Insider

Maybe for those of you who did not read Malaysian newspapers recently, our Defence Minister, Datuk Zahid Hamidi recently blew a typhoon when replying to an answer in Parliament. He said that the reason for the lack of non-Malays in civil forces is due to the lack of patriotism among them. (Source: The Star Online Nov 9, 2010). I was wondering what your motives or goals in making such remark. I will discuss this not on race-based reasons, but how you have screwed your opportunity to become one charismatic leader that can be respected by every segment in the community. Or maybe, it's because you just did not think at all before making the statement. Many ministers do that, no doubt. 

However, for a Minister to produce such answer in the Parliament shows how lack of intellectual capacity that most ministers have. You are degrading the respect that many have shown towards the current Cabinet Ministers. First, the accuracy of your reason is highly doubted. Were there any scholar research done by universities taken into account? Were there any data that support your statement? I believe there is none. 

I do agree that many non-Malays are not attracted to join army forces. Many Malays are not attracted either. But to question their patriotism is just stupid. Here are the reasons: 1. While Najib has made his maiden speech in UMNO Assembly before that he acknowledge and value the loyalty of the non-Malays in the country, you are doing the opposite thing. Second: Why, according to your views that the non-Malays lack patriotism? If you have solid answers which are not rhetorical, then I will agree with you. But never mind, you would not come up with one.

It is a very serious accusation I would say. If somebody said that to me, I would become so emotional in defending myself. Why would you do that is still a mysterious thing to me. Is being in army forces the most patriotic thing to do? Is it the Nirvana of being patriotic to the country? Poor me, a Malay who can't reach it just because I don't have the physique that you want to show my love to the country!

A question to be answered for you; what are the reasons that the Malays join the army forces? Then, compare their answers with the answers given by the non-Malays who don't want to join military. 

No, it is not right at all for you to say that. You are such a minister that makes us to look down on the Government's effort. If it is based on hard facts, no one can argue with that. Obviously, you did not think through when making the statement. What was your intention in doing so, only God knows. By doing so, you don't make the army forces to become more attractive to the non-Malays, you are just chasing them away.

Sorry Datuk Zahid Hamidi, you are just screwed.-The Chukai Insider


  1. why is he screwed? orang dah mula lash back ke?

  2. Duh.. Sape x marah kalu wat cam gitu? Muhyiddin pun suruh dia explain kenapa dia buat statement gitu.


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