25 April 2011

Look at the skies

Let's experience it together!

This is sunset in Miri, Sarawak. Who does not feel intoxicated by this Allah's beautiful creation? I was on a motorcycle with my one-of-the-kindest-friend I have here in Miri, Rakin Z. When I was on the motorcycle and my stomach was growling, I could not think of anything else but a video shown by my one of our very good seniors, Miqdad during our last gathering session. He showed us the video of a man looking for divine signs from the Almighty. He was asking Allah for some signs that will show him to the right path or to be spiritually guided. I will post the video later because I could not find it. He was looking for the signs for the whole night. Then, he opened the Quran and there it was. There is a verse in the Quran saying that about Allah's signs are His creations which are in front of our eyes. You don't need a telescope to be amazed with this panoramic view. If you could not see it, maybe in the future you will. The same thing happened to most of us, including me. It was the moment when you actually see something with your eyes but you realised that you don't see it with your heart. 

Like I've told you before, my stomach was grumbling. It made embarrassing sounds (in case of me, not so embarrassing). Luckily my friend called me earlier asking whether I wanted to eat ice cream or not. Why ice cream? I don't know. Even he himself also were puzzled why he asked whether I wanted ice cream or not. He came to my house and we decided to go to McDonald since I've been craving for it the whole week. We rode a motorbike the rempit way and off to McD. I took some pictures on the bike.

By the way, this is the Senadin City Centre, located in the heart of Senadin Metropolis. Here, there is one of the busiest junction in the world that even the Times Square in the Big Apple could not match. This is the only place where we can find real dinner food within walking distance. I'm talking about 15 minutes of walking, folks. Yeah, that is the nearest we can get.

McDonald! Finally I pampered my cravings for real burger, real fries and chicken porridge. I'm not saying that the fries cooked by my friends are not good, but they are not equally good as the McD's. So, buck up, improve your skills in cooking. Haha.

Something had struck me when I was on my way back home. My stomach was full and the view was indescribable. How are my brothers in Sudan? What are the Palestinians are doing now? Do they feel safe? Do they have enough food? Do they eat until their stomachs look like mine? Can they get food whenever they want like me? 

Then I remembered giving an advice earlier this noon to some friends about complaining. It wasn't really Faidhi-ism to give good advice to people but I did. I felt that I don't deserve to preach people about things to do in life as I myself always do bad things. My friend said, 'humans are not perfect' so everyone are not entitled to ask others to do good deeds. I cannot find any verse, but I think Allah has made us to have the responsibility to remind others to do good things in order to remind ourselves to do the good deeds. So, the next time I remind my friends to do good things, remind me too that I should do it also. 

My friends, why do we complain for everything when we have so much things to be praised of? Why do we always focus on negative events when we feel lifted off from the ground when we see the skies? 

Could it be any better? Thank you, Allah.-The Chukai Insider

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