24 April 2011

"Gua Niah? Yeah, I've been there."

Gua Niah: My Story
by Mr F

After two weeks of assignments, tests and many other unnecessary stressful events, I was set to go to Niah Cave. Like I have mentioned in previous post before, I have a tuition-free week now, and getting out of my work desk is a dream come true for me. Due to some technical mistakes, I am able to post only a preview of the Gua Niah trip. This is the first part of a trip that left some 'guilty-to-the-humankind' members an experience they will never forget. And, it involves the remains of the past. Can you figure it out? No, you can't (Sheldon-like in The Big Bang Theory).

Trip to Niah Cave, a home of homo sapiens 40,000 years ago 

Look at these two boys, Acad (left) and Rakin (right).
Look at their faces: full of spirit to see Niah Cave! Olololo.
 After 30 minutes

Babies are sleeping, shh!
This guy doesn't need 30 minutes to fall asleep.
Way to go, Shafiq!

Nature's call..hahaha. Shh.. Toilet, boys?

When you study geology, this looks very interesting?
I don't feel sands and mud are dirty any more.

This is the beautiful Miri, folks. Look at the sky and try
to appreciate Allah's creation even though the road was very very bumpy. 

There were some villages along the road to Batu Niah, 110 km from Miri.
Look at their houses. Their lives are simple.
Whether you think it's good or bad, we must remember that we are still very lucky.

You see how lucky we are? Food is everywhere!
Even to the point you want to enter  a cave, which is located
far far away in the jungle, you still can eat.
From left, Shafiq J, Wei Min, Wani, Shafiq R, Rakin and  Acad.

Mengumumkan, ketibaan Y.A.B Datuk Baby bin Olololo. 

Can you see any interesting structure here? What rock is this?

I have more pictures that I will upload in the near future. This does not look serious at all, right Acad? -The Chukai Insider

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