22 April 2011

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Kalu mu nok pinjang, buleh! Kekgi aku
wat alik bulang nang!

(Figure this out, non-Trengganuites!)
On my desk, there is something I've been waiting to buy for a quite long time. Now, it is on my desk. It is my new girlfriend. Again. I know, they seem to come to me all the time. I've dumped Middlesex since it is such a huge commitment for me. Now, I'm changing to something someone that suits me. She knows things that I like. She knows how to entertain me. She give stories and inspirations. Yeah, she costs a lot too. I bought her for RM100.00. Oh, that is like one fifth of my monthly allowance! I've just realised that.

Well, the thing is that I've waited for so long and this is the time I can spend most of my time with her. Hehe. Her name is A Doctor in the House: The Memoirs of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. No surprise, isn't it? I don't care what people say when I want to read something. It's not like I choose books to read, ops actually I do. Why? If I think it is interesting, then I read it. Oh, that's a simple maths! It's not like when Malaysian our own Its-Not-Me-In-The-Video publishes a memoir of himself, I won't read it. Oh come one, it's not like you actually have to stop me from reading it. That's not freedom. That is not a liberation. Walk the talk.

This Saturday, Niah Cave will be my destination. Yeah, I'm a Geology student so where do you expect I want to go during holidays? Ekk, actually there is nothing to do here and that is why Niah Cave sounds so nice. Here is some facts about Niah Cave: 
  • Located on the Sungai (river) Niah, about 3 km from the small town of Batu Niah, a 110 km to the south-west of Miri in northern Sarawak. The park was first gazetted as a National Historic Monument in 1958, gazetted as National Park on 23 November 1974 and was published to the public on 1 January 1975.
  • Forty thousand years ago, the Niah Great Cave sheltered human life. Here lies the oldest human remains in Southeast Asia, along with many other relics of prehistoric man.
  •  Today the Cave is home only to bats, swiftlets and other specially adapted forms of life. However, a few locals still venture into the dark interior to collect guano (bird and bat droppings used as fertilizer) and bird's nest and some Curtin geology students who have their field trips regularly.
  • The famous Painted Cave is another highlight of the visit to Niah Cave. Here, little human-like figures drawn in red haematite watch over a gravesite where the bodies of the dead were each laid in its own boat-shaped coffin. The Great Cave and Painted Cave have been declared as National Historical Monuments.
The facts are boring, isn't it? So, you guys wait for a narrative description from The Chukai Insider, okay? He will write write and write about it. Oh, morning sickness. Yes, I've been having it almost every morning as a result of prolong hungriness. 

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