22 April 2011

Saya mahu buku-buku ini, faham ke*?

* To the mat-salleh wannabe, 'faham ke' means 'do you understand?'.

Saya ada seorang kawan di Curtin. Dia seorang perempuan/wanita (?) dan dia suka berkata dengan nada sinis selepas setiap perbualan. Salah satu kata-kata sinisnya ialah "Faham ke?". Penggunaannya sungguh berpura-pura dan penuh dengan maksud. Oleh sebab itu, saya letak kata-kata "faham ke?" di tajuk penulisan saya di atas.

Okay! Hi bitchies !(typo error). 
 Since I'm in Miri, the land of oil and gas (?), and there is no MPH or Kinokuniya here, and the Popular is just as big as the one in my place and I don't have the urge to take a Miri Belait** to the Bintang, then I would just wait this June when I go back to KL and do some retail therapy. It does work.

So here is my 'Saya mahu buku-buku ini' list, faham ke? 

1. A Map of Trengganu by Awang Goneng

Review (copy and paste)-Following the runaway success of Growing Up in Trengganu, Awang Goneng now takes his journey further to map out the town where he was born. This book looks at the terrain of Trengganu, the landmarks that are still standing and those that have fallen to rubble at the hands of developers, the winds that bring chill and change to the inhabitants of his coastal town, and people – the important and the ordinary – who walked the streets and breathed the air that is laced with more than a whiff of dried shrimps, the sweat of toil, the aroma of röjök in Pök Déh’s plate, and salt coming in with the spray from the South China Sea.

A Map of Trengganu gives a vibrant and extraordinary topography of the land and its people for the uninitiated and for those who are familiar with the terrain and territory. Time does not stand still in Kuala Trengganu as Awang Goneng notes, but it moves at a different pace in every fascia, and then it is gone forever. So who moved the clock tower from the roundabout in the town centre? You’ll soon be pondering this important question and many more things that you never knew about Trengganu.

2. The Blue Ocean Srategy by Two Professors in Harvard and I don't know their names

I guess since 2007 I've been waiting to buy this book. However, the price always stop me. There are countless times when I go to MPH and Kino with the hope that some rich guy see me reading the book with my I'm-very-poor face, then he will pay the book for me. Hahaha! Please, rich guy! It's not easy to find a boy to read a book. So, buy the book for me, deal? 

3. The Social Animal by David Brooks

Review (copy and paste)- The laudably ambitious aim of the The Social Animal: A Story of Love, Character, and Achievement, the new book by New York Times columnist David Brooks, is to weave a unified picture from the scattered discoveries in the various sciences of the mind and bring to life this picture’s practical implications through the tale of two fictional characters, Erica and Harold. Brooks detects in the scattered findings of the psychological and brain sciences a “revolutionary” picture of human decision-making that emphasizes the role of the unconscious. This research, Brooks argues, establishes “the relative importance of emotion over pure reason, social connection over individual choice, character over IQ, … and the idea that we have multiple selves over the idea that we have a single self.” In the course of The Social Animal, Brooks alights briefly on the work of an astonishing number of important researchers and theorists, making the book a convenient point of entry for readers looking to dip a toe into new-ish thinking about the mind and brain. Yet, he rarely makes more than superficial contact with any body of research long enough to really draw out its implications, and nothing resembling an integrated synthesis of science ever emerges.-The Chukai Insider

**Miri Belait is a name of the city bus around Miri. The route that I use to go to the 'town' is 66 Senadin.   This is the company's website.

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