30 April 2011

Makanang in Kemamang

Frankly speaking, I don't really miss my hometown but eating at the same restaurant (since there is no other halal restaurants within walking distance) and food cooked by my friends here have made me want to go back just to eat. I want to eat the 'normal' food that I always eat at home. The food that I always eat sokmo-sokmo (all the time).

Talking about makang pagi (breakfast) in Trengganu means that you are talking about eating nasik (rice). There all kinds of nasik early in the morning sold by mok-cik mok-cik (mak ciks). They are the food heroes in the morning. My mom don't usually cook in the morning during school holidays. She will go out with my father and buy all the kinds of food that we ordered the night before. Yes, we told her what to buy. It sounds that we ask the food from her, but she always insists us to tell her what do we want to eat. Otherwise, she will buy something like mee goreng and kepok goreng and honestly, we the siblings don't like them.

What I want to eat the most is the nasi minyok  with ayang goreng near the steseng bas. We call it nasi minyok Pok Mat. Yes, I want nasik kerabu too. You can find nasik kerabu anywhere in Malaysia now, but ugh, they are far to be compared from those in Trengganu and Kelantan in terms of its kelazatan. Yes, the colour is still blue, but its taste also is bluish. My nasik kerabu is not perfect without ayam paprik since I don't eat fish (normally, they serve nasi kerabu with fried fish). I tried the best ayam paprik in Kota Bharu before and no Kenny Rogers' chicken can match with that. Sorry Mr Roger, but your chickens are both dok sedap, muok and mahal!

If my Chukai friends are reading this, you must not have forgotten Sonstar. You must have serious brain problem if you forget this place since you guys go there almost every day. I am still wondering the purpose of going to the kopitiam whether it is just to drink cendol ijo-ijo or chit chat or just to become the Third Force to a lovely (?) couple (hok mane pahang tu pahang la, hahaha)

By the way, for these few months in Miri, people keep associating my hometown (Kemamang or Chukai) with some restaurants that they went to before. This happens when they all are asking where I'm coming from la. Faham ke? The normal "Owh really? I've been to the .... before".

They remember sata Che Aziz (If the owner is reading this, I want to tell you that your sata is becoming more mahal and day by day, they are getting smaller. They are not like the French amuse bouche!). They also know Hai Peng and Tong Juan. This is the post written by someone who is hungry. -The Chukai Insider


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